Do you believe in ghosts?Or a “good ghost” with people in mind.

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It is said that there was a rich man named Zhang Tianhu in chaimu village.This zhang Tianhu but a tyrant, although he is rich, but indiscriminate collection of taxes and leeches, water to collect water money, to collect land rent, the village forced to ruin their families.There was only one well in the whole village, and it happened to be in Zhang Tianhu’s estate.Why is that?It turned out that when Zhang tianhu’s father was alive, he had called a geomantic master to calculate his fortune. In order to please him, the geomantic master said, “This place is a geomantic treasure. If you occupy this deep well, it will be even more valuable.”Zhang tianhu’s father built a manor and marked the well in his own manor.Soon after, Zhang Tianhu’s father died, Zhang Tianhu became the head of the Zhang family, he bullies men and women, every day to send a family to the mouth of the edge of a sitting, holding books, which villagers pick a few buckets of water to record.By the end of the year, if they failed to pay the water money, they would either confiscate their homes or beat them up, and the villagers would dare not speak out.One day, a villager named Li Si, wearing straw sandals and wearing a hemp rope at his waist, was cutting branches with a big axe in the mountain. Suddenly he felt cold under his feet. He realized that he might have encountered a snake, because the snake’s body is cold, and snakes are common on this mountain.There was no strength left in him.This was the end, he thought, and he closed his eyes and waited for death.However, waited for a long time, but did not see anything.He opened his eyes, looked down, ah!This is not a snake, is clearly a spring!This time, Li Si was happy. He not only did not die, but also met the spring. He quickly picked it up with his hands and drank it.It’s so sweet!He broke off a branch several feet long and stuck it in the spring. The branch was soon completely covered with water.Li Si was even more delighted, thinking: This, the villagers all year round draught need not pay any more.He picked up the gong and struck it in the middle of the village, Shouting, “Villagers, come quickly! I have a piece of good news for you!”The villagers did not know what had happened, so they all came to see the fun. Li Si said loudly: “Villagers, I have found a clear spring.I’ll show you.”Then he took the villagers to the spring.The spring slowly braved clear water, flowing non-stop, the villagers rushed to hold into their hands to drink.Someone shouted, “Go home and get the bucket!”In a moment, each man arrived with two buckets.Everyone was busy carrying water home.In a short time, the whole village of each household water tank are filled, the villagers happily down the mountain.This matter was soon zhang Tianhu this insolent guy know, he was angry all over trembling.Take the housekeeper took the whip, came to the spring, the spring to guard up.Zhang Tianhu looked at the clear spring.Happy wrinkles are open, his heart hit a ghost idea, want to make this spring belong to their own.So he made his servants keep watch night and night, and anyone who came to drink water had to pay for it.The villagers’ hopes were dashed.Because zhang Tianhu’s forces are too big, we can’t.That night, Zhang Tianhu, who was happy and blooming in his heart, drank a lot of wine and lay on the kang smoking a big cigarette. Suddenly a cold wind blew. He felt puzzled and thought: There is no wind outside, where does the wind come from?After a while, the cold wind blew again, and he shivered and woke up.He sat up and looked, but nothing happened. He was so angry that he threw the bong away and lay down on the kang again.There was another whoosh and another shiver. He sat up suddenly, put on his shoes, and took out the direction of the wind.It seemed to him that the wind was blowing from the western direction of the till, and he went trembling towards it.Suddenly, he heard the sound of copper coins colliding.There was a thief. He did not think twice about it, but ran quickly to it, for the treasure in the chest was his life’s property. When he reached the chest, the door opened just a crack.He gave a shriek of fright and collapsed to the ground.There sat a ghost in the till, dressed in white, with his tongue sticking out a foot long, his hands covered with hair, his face black and blue, and his eyes shining horribly cold.Zhang Tianhu was soft all over, but it was clear that the cold wind just now was blown by the ghost.At this moment, the ghost stood up, not sitting a little, but standing up a foot away.Zhang Tianhu scared dumbstruck, only ghost hand holding two strings of copper money, read some spells, throw the copper money in the air, he slowly squat down, suddenly into a white smoke broke the window, the two strings of copper money also dangling leisurely floating out.At this moment, the housekeeper heard the sound and came to help Zhang Tianhu onto the kang.Zhang Tianhu was shaking like a sieve.Since then, Zhang Tianhu contracted a serious disease, all day gibberish, scared the housekeeper do not know what to do.Now the ghost appeared in midair and dropped the coins, which flew to each house. The coins fell from the roof into the water tanks, which immediately rose;Fall into the grain, grain also rose rapidly.The water tanks and grain containers of more than 100 households in Chaimu village fell into the copper coins.In the morning, the villagers could not believe their eyes, overnight, grain several times more, water has risen several feet.When the villagers were cooking, they would scoop out a spoonful of rice, and soon the pit would be filled with rice.After taking out some water, there was no shortage.Everyone was overjoyed, but didn’t know what was going on.This matter was soon heard by Zhang Tianhu, he was so angry that he trembled all over.He had been shaking all over, but the shaking became worse.He collapsed on the kang and could not walk on the ground, so he sent all his family members out door to door to smash jars and collect rice.The men attacked the jars like a Wolf, took the copper coins from them, knocked down the grain pile, and took the copper coins from the grain pile, so that the whole village was plundered, bringing in 238 coppers.When Zhang Tianhu saw so much money, he told his family members to put one hundred and nineteen pieces in the water tank and one hundred and nineteen pieces in the grain bowl.Assume just after the copper in the tank, instantly, the water in the cylinder of overwhelming burst out of power, wealth day family house has become a vast expanse of water, the one with the money assume in panic to throw the rest of the one hundred and nine pieces of copper wire to the grain in the chariot, at this point, the grain chariot “shout” suddenly rose up, much food rise hundreds.Rising food covered the whole manor, bully Zhang Tianhu because he could not move, was suffocated in the food, suffocated.The maids, housekeepers and maids fled in terror.The grain was washed all over the village, and as the water seeped through it, it took root and sprouted, and in less than a day it grew into golden wheat.On the same day a spring of fresh water appeared in the middle of the village, and as it gurgled everywhere, the people not only had water to eat, but they were glad to have fertile land and food in abundance.Later, when the villagers realized that this happy life was brought by a good ghost, they burned incense and kowtowed to express their gratitude to the ghost who killed the rich and saved the poor. Moreover, every family in the village made a memorial tablet and named the ghost “Nanhai Dashi”.Because it was the ghost who brought the water, people would burn three joss sticks as a token of gratitude to the good ghost on every Festival day.Are you still afraid of ghosts?A kind ghost