February 13 The 13th day of the first month Good morning Picture The 13th day of the New Year Greetings

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In this cold season, my care is so warm, warm to the heart;My blessing is so affectionate, affectionate;My reminder is so timely, timely add clothes to be healthy, warm winter.Good morning ~!In this cold season, you every day in my thoughts, happy time without end;Unforgettable past treasures in the heart, warm thoughts are so long.I wish you health and happiness every day in this cold season!Rain and snow weather, the wind more wild;Temperature sharp turn, don’t forget to add clothes;Umbrellas and non-slip shoes, it’s okay to have them.Blessing only send you, warm your heart.Don’t say always busy, greet more lines.May your body and mind be safe and happy!A greeting, a message, a hug, a look, a scarf, with your hands warm each other;Remember, it’s cold. Put on more clothes.Don’t catch a cold!If you have the misfortune to sneeze, remember.That must be me thinking of you!A true feeling is better than two thousand gold, a warm can be worth a thousand lihan frost, a greeting sent sweet, a message to my heart: happy every day!Happy every day!The weather becomes very fast the temperature becomes really bad go out coat to sleep to cover the quilt to eat more fruits and vegetables adhere to the mentality of this is to care for you.The weather changes quickly, the cold wind quietly hit, because you lovely so give you care!Cover the quilts at night to prevent the birds’ feet from freezing.Nothing gnaw bone, so can fill calcium, do not say I am too bad.I wish you a happy day!Cold weather can not reduce enthusiasm, do not often meet does not mean to forget, when the morning a ray of sunshine shining on the earth, when the dusk a group of birds to the south migration, in the busy interweaving years, I wish you a happy life, happy!Why there is a rainbow, because there are dreams in life;Why there is winter, because there are blessings between friends.Early spring, cool days, I give you the blessing, wish you warm every day!Let the breeze gently brush your face, call your eyes, let the morning sun print into your eyes, tell you the arrival of the day, let the rich breakfast to fill your stomach, know that life is so wonderful.Send a message: good morning, happiness has around you.Quietly accompany, silently reading the joys and sorrows, understand your changes in temperature know your grievance, through the heart of love and pain.Know each other like a mirror, a tacit understanding without words;A comfortable need not remember;A graceful agreement needs no understanding.Meet poetic, sincere in the true dripping dripping, without distance, the end of the world do at hand;No commitment, no insight into life.Good morning!The strong life, will timely adjust their own mentality, there is one thing can never fool, that is sincere;There is one thing never betrayed, that is the truth;There is one thing that can never be indulged, that is desire;There is one thing you can never live without, and that is peace.There is one thing that must never be touched, and that is sin.There is one thing that should never be played, and that is life.Good morning!