Li Zi basked in the beauty of valentine’s Day in advance, was called to see “heaven slaughter dragon”, Zhao Min into Italy unforgettable

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Recently, famous actress Li Zi posted a post on her social media account to celebrate Valentine’s Day ahead of schedule and posted beautiful photos of her in the moment, sparking a heated debate on the Internet.”Valentine’s Day is not only a day for lovers to celebrate, but also a time to send their hearts to the friends who love us,” li said. “It’s nice to have balloons and love for my girlfriends.”From The photo that Li Zi basks in can see, she wore a white sweater to appear that day, the body does not have too much adornment foil, appear exceptionally clean and concise.Wearing her trademark ‘centre part’ with her hair pinned behind her ears, revealing her full profile, she is confident of her looks.Have to say, now has been over 50 li Zi self maintenance is really good, no matter the skin shape is a figure, did not go completely, in yan art does not show old.For girls, 50 is already the age of appearance, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, neck lines and so on will show.Can observe li Zi’s condition carefully, do not have the slightest anxiety of this respect, facial ministry skin is smooth and delicate, the forehead that reveals comes also is very flat, the existence that does not see a wrinkle.Similarly, Li Zi does not have pouch under the eyes, lying silkworm is full, especially god eyes.Although Li Zi wears a turtleneck sweater this time, but look from the neck that shows, also do not have the occurrence of neck grain, as if time is static on her body general.On the whole, Li Zi has not changed much with the previous, the only difference is that when she was young, she was beautiful and simple, while when she was older, she was mature and wise, more charming and moving.When taking photos, Li zi smiled happily, her eyes showed tenderness, and her lips and teeth were very charming.After seeing the latest photos of Li Zi, netizens also left messages praising her, admiring her current appearance level. However, some netizens also called out whether Li Zi had seen the new version of “Relying on heaven and killing dragons”.It is well known that Li zi starred in the 2001 version of “Rely on Heaven and Slay the Dragon”, in which she played the role of “Zhao Min”, and Wu Qihua played “Zhang Wuji” staged a “life and death love affair”.Li Zi as “Zhao Min” left a deep impression on people, she and Jin Yong in the novel of the characters fit very high, she is not only smart and beautiful with chivalrous temperament, and with the development of the plot and increase a trace of cunning and sinister, Li Zi use personal acting will be interpreted to incisively and vividly.After the broadcast, the drama has received numerous praise, the performance of the actors are also recognized, Li Zi’s “Zhao Min” is a classic in the hearts of the audience.Although gao Yuanyuan’s version of “Zhao Min” has been well interpreted, it is still difficult to surpass Li Zi’s influence.Recently, wang Jing, the director of “The Sky and the Slaughter of the Dragon” again, “Zhao Min” also invited Wen Yongshan to play, but the response was not warm, the rating is “pull the hip” to the extreme, only 3.5.Wen Yongshan as “Zhao Min” is not particularly bad, but the shape for the audience is simply a word, netizens are “dross” to describe the word, the sense of violation is too strong.In addition, the interpretation of the character is not as good as Li Zi, less “Zhao Min” on the body should have some cunning, leading to the role is not too mature.In addition, from the comments of the audience, Li Zi’s “Zhao Min” has become unforgettable, it is difficult to accept her.It has to be said that Zhao Min, played by Li Zi, has become the indicator of the role, and in order to gain the audience’s recognition, it must achieve beyond.In recent years, Li Zi rarely appeared in the entertainment circle, since married into a wealthy family, she began to engage in beauty industry, chain stores have opened a lot of, business is doing booming.Previously, Li Zi celebrated her 50th birthday in the company with her colleagues, and she also shared the company’s internal photos on social media platforms, from which we can see that she is very humane in staff management, the operation of the company is also very careful, especially professional.Now Li Zi life without worry, is the cause of the “strong woman”, and rich businessman husband Ma Tingqiang marriage is very happy, married for nearly 12 years without negative news, this is rare in the entertainment circle.They have three beautiful “little princesses” and a warm and happy family.Finally, wish Li Zi again, hope she can continue to maintain a high level of appearance, happy life forever.