Look!Beautiful Nanjing in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics

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The opening ceremony of The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was officially staged in the National Stadium today. During the pre-ceremony performance, the interactive content of ten cities across China and the main venue was interposed. As one of the participating cities, these pictures of Nanjing shone all over the worldMost beautiful nanjing xuanwu in front of a boy roller skating teenagers shoulder heel all show of “skating” youth it is belongs to the unique scenery of the “Olympic city” song “jasmine” from all walks of life of nanjing citizens through the children’s games are singing and dancing “peaceful city” good intention through the xuanwu gate pass the “world Wen Shu precipitation under the arch of the” one thousand years of cultural gene, yi yiA new chapter in ice and snow Sports a new favorite in the Year of the Tiger look!The special train of “Olympic Games” came roaring from The Boai station of Nanjing Metro. Olympic athletes and world champions from Nanjing and the whole province sang and danced with children to welcome the Winter Olympics. How did the ice and snow sports set off a trend in southern cities?Nanjing tells you the answer!Since Beijing Olympic bid success of ice and snow sports “exhibition of south west enlargement” accelerated the pace to speed up the ice and snow in nanjing and all over the province industry booming “three hundred million people involved in the snow and ice movement” is gradually becoming a reality and the province before and after the Chinese New Year of the tiger nanjing snow activities people break millions of nearly 50 ice field become “side water and soil” entertainment to be bestowed favor on newly in nanjing “cold” projectThe second Youth Olympic Games opened in Nanjing, China in 2014. Nanjing became China’s second Olympic city. The hosting of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing ignited the enthusiasm of more than 9 million Nanjing residents to participate in ice and snow sports.We convey the best wishes from Nanjing to the world. 2022 We are looking forward to the future together