Talk about the investment wisdom in Sun Tzu’s Art of War (Part 2)

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1. The Master said, “Therefore, the victory of the good warrior is also, without wisdom, without courage, and therefore his seven victories are not remarkable.Sun tzu’s the art of secular tradition is not something we actually understand the towers of inventions, but the wisdom of the weak, as good people, is actually “no wisdom, no yong work”, because they only do big probability the right thing to do, so it doesn’t look so gorgeous, let alone have a “fame”, because everything is normal,But this is actually the wisdom of success.In a war, if you fight a good battle and the whole world says it’s too good, it’s not necessarily a good thing, it’s not a good person.Why is that?Because it was a fluke that could not be repeated a second time or more.You may ask, isn’t history full of battles like this?When you say “everywhere”, you sum up all the events that took place in the past three thousand years, which seems to be everywhere.This is in line with warren Buffett’s investment philosophy: invest only in high-value, iterative, moat companies, not the rest;Do not seek short-term profits, only long-term profits, as little as possible.The philosophy of Ted, the god of baseball in sports, is to hit only the ball in the “sweet zone,” not to hit home runs, but to maximize the results.Buffett and Ted may seem to be playing the safest, most conservative, least active game in the world, but these two guys are the best attackers in the world — one is the most profitable investor in the world, the other is the batting average of the year in baseball.This play method and Buffett, Ted’s method how similar!What we’ve seen so far is that the best players in investment and sports have adopted what I call the “master strategy” : identify high-value areas, focus strategically, and win in the most certain way.The conservative and weak wisdom of the art of war is the way to victory.The master strategy is to constantly do “less but better”.2. The Master said, “Therefore a good fighter can make the enemy invincible, but cannot make the enemy invincible.Therefore, it is said that victory is known, but not done.”The enemy is invincible, and we can sum up Sun Tzu’s thinking in a phrase that may sound uninspiring to you: the enemy is invincible.And I’m gonna add, “only if he fails.”What if you say you can’t beat it?Peace and quiet.He can’t fight, you can’t fight, we don’t fight, live their own lives is not good, why must fight?You can’t have the purpose of defeating others.What about invincibility?Then don’t do it.A lot of people can’t accept that. How could they not?Is not not doing is not doing?Something had to be done, because he was nervous not to.It’s a disease. It needs to be treated.What’s the matter?It’s a kind of strategic anxiety, forgetting the costs, losses and risks of doing something.In fact, do not move, not inaction, but the accumulation of their own, waiting for the opportunity.In The Romance of The Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang kept on doing things that had no chance of winning, and finally exhausted himself to death.He should wait, bide his time, work out.One is to strive for a long life;Second, we will ensure that domestic governance is prosperous and strong, and that we educate our next generation and pass it on.So waiting is a very important strategy, waiting in many cases, is the best choice.Alas, too few people realize this.The same goes for investing.Someone once asked me: the stock market is dark at present to see a little light.I said, what are you doing in the stock market all the time, jumping out and looking at the sunlight.Sometimes the trouble is actually because the market is too deeply immersed, confused by the market fluctuations, the basic value investment creed to gradually forget, return to the weakness of human nature, rational market and their own account floating profits and losses led away.Investment best state of mind: unsurprised, idle to see the court flowers bloom.No intention to stay, sit looking at the sky yunjuanyunshu.Stretch out the time horizon, and what seems like a big thing now is just a few waves churning in a big river.The way of the sage is simple.I often say that we cannot be great because we are unwilling to be ordinary.We always make things complicated because we don’t believe in simplicity, and this is particularly evident in the investment mindset.The most profound truths in this world are common truths, and the most valuable conversations are the platitudes.And the key to the key, is that you want to put these platitudes of the truth of the union of knowledge and action, practical Benedict line, really do.Do you know, the truth is so powerful.Finally, Sun Tzu’s Art of War is not the art of war, but the art of not fighting.Is not the way to defeat, is the method of invincibility;Not with fewer to win over many, with many to win over few.In investment, if you can understand one thing and apply it flexibly, you will benefit a lot.Important note: the content of this article is only the investment consultant’s personal view, does not represent the company’s position, only for reference.The individual stocks in the article are sorted out based on public information, and are not recommended and do not constitute specific investment suggestions.Nor is stock history indicative of future trends.Investors operate accordingly at their own risk.The stock market is risky and investment should be cautious.Wen: Li Xiang S1440614080023