The first working day after tomb-sweeping Day, the west Coast project is ahead!To create hundreds of billions of “core screen” industry behind the meaning

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On April 6, the first working day after the Qingming Festival, the West Coast New Area sounded a new round of economic revitalization.On the same day, major projects in the second quarter of Qingdao concentrated activities in the Qingdao development Zone high-end optoelectronics industry base held.Qingdao West Coast New Area, as the main venue of the event, has a total of 80 key projects under construction, with a total investment of 46.3 billion yuan. The number of projects and investment amount is more than one third of the city, leading the way.It was an extraordinary ground-breaking ceremony.Project construction is a barometer of economic and social development, the lifeline and YaCangShi, for the moment, the face of the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development of the era of the “double win” the big test, as a regional GDP ranked 19 national top 3, 137 counties of shandong province’s first “benchmarking” area, how the west coast of new city, for transfers-will has attracted much attention.Throughout the project, emerging strategic industries have become the absolute leading role, and some of them lead the industry technology and break the international barrier “killer card”.West Coast new Area is using today’s struggle and development, seeking the commanding heights of tomorrow’s economic development.As said in this year’s west Coast New District government work report, we should always maintain the spirit of “first-class competition, only the flag is to seize”, and do one thing to achieve one thing, and make a small victory into a big victory.The project will help fusiji Mingzhen transform into Xinping Industrial New Town.Walking in the west Coast urban area, this slogan of the city can be seen everywhere.If as a state-level new area, the West Coast has the overlapping advantages of national strategies, such as the construction of pilot free trade zone and ocean management, then these eight words show the strength and logic of the west Coast to transform its policy advantages into economic vitality.On that day, a total investment of 46.3 billion yuan was invested in 80 projects of more than RMB 100 million, including 57 industrial projects with a total investment of 39.3 billion yuan.Including a total investment of 12.65 billion yuan of 8 new generation information technology projects, a total investment of 6.63 billion yuan of seven modern Marine projects, a total investment of 7.7 billion yuan of 17 high-end equipment projects, a total investment of 4.1 billion yuan of four quality tourism projects, a total investment of 2.8 billion yuan of two modern financial services, such as industry covers cities point layout of the 10 categories.Xingtai high-end intelligent photoelectric production Base project effect picture as the project bearing place, the construction of fujian Wanda photoelectric intelligent manufacturing production base, Xingtai high-end intelligent photoelectric production base, Haihua biopharma RESEARCH and development Center and other projects concentrated landing west Coast New District Wangtai Street.Among them, Fujian Wanda Optoelectronic Intelligent Manufacturing Base with a total investment of 3 billion yuan is a key supporting project of BOE Mobile display port device Production base in Qingdao. The latter, as an ice-breaking work in the display panel field in Shandong Province, was started last year and is currently in the foundation construction stage.Xingtai high-end intelligent photoelectric production base provides products and services around robot automation solutions, smart factories and industry 4.0 solutions.After the completion of all three projects, it is expected to realize an annual output value of 3.45 billion yuan, tax revenue of 96.1 million yuan, and create more than 2,200 jobs.It is not hard to find that these projects involve strategic emerging industries such as the Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing and biomedicine, which can be called the key to the value chain.And what attracts these big projects to pile up behind wangtai street is a textbook level new district practice.As a traditional industrial town, Wangtai Street has been honored as the “National Textile Machine parts City” since the 1980s.The new development pattern calls for new changes. How to accelerate the iteration of traditional industries and unleash new growth potential?In 2018, the Working Committee of the New District made a strategic decision of “Development zone entering Wangtai”, and proposed to take the “core screen” industry as one of the three strategic emerging industry clusters, with a focus on promoting and creating the “core screen” industry scale of 100 billion yuan, officially opening the transformation and upgrading road of leaving cages and changing birds.In the past three years, 1.29 million square meters of buildings have been demolished in Wangtai Street, and 12,000 mu of land has been vacated. A number of ten-billion-level enterprises and hundred-billion-level industries, such as BOE, Zhongnan High-tech and Foxconn, have been started and put into operation.At the same time, Qingdao Economic Control Wangtai Investment Co., Ltd. invested in the construction of the Zhihui Textile Machinery Industrial Park project, for the textile machinery leading enterprises intelligent research institute, intelligent production workshop and other high-quality relocation enterprises resettlement area, to create the northern traditional advantages and characteristics of industrial development cluster.At this point, from the famous textile town to the core screen industrial new town, Wangtai Street completed the key start from 0 to 1, which has become the west Coast new District to promote high-quality development by project construction epitome.This year alone, including the concentrated construction projects, the West Coast New Area will start construction of 750 projects with a total investment of 260 billion yuan, introduce more than 20 investment projects from the world’s top 500 companies, under construction of 1,364 projects with a total investment of 783.5 billion yuan, the actual utilization of foreign investment exceeded 1.5 billion DOLLARS.”Industrial environment is the foundation of enterprise development.The West Coast New Area focuses on the photoelectric display industry chain, and adopts multiple measures to accelerate the establishment, extension and strengthening of the chain, thus planting fertile soil for the development of enterprises and providing a first-class business environment for enterprises to settle down.”Lin Jie, chairman of Fujian Wanda Group, has deep feelings about the investment experience in the West Coast New Area.He said that he would spare no effort to accelerate the construction of the project, make the project good and solid, and help build the northern photoelectric industry development highland.The first state-level new area was settled in Pudong in 1992. Up to now, China has established 19 state-level new areas. Under the context of the new development pattern, state-level new areas have become an important path for regional economic development.Among them, the West Coast New District, which was approved to be established in 2014, is called the “model student”.In 2021, the GDP of the West Coast New Area will reach 436.85 billion yuan.At the level of state-level new areas, it ranks the second and the third after Shanghai Pudong New Area with 1.5 trillion yuan and Tianjin Binhai New Area with 876.15 billion yuan.From the provincial level, it ranks first among 136 districts and counties (cities) in shandong province, surpassing 10 of the 16 cities in Shandong province.Economy is the foundation of development and industry is the source of economy.Since 2021, the west coast of the new city further implementation of the whole city “project in the ground” and “crucial breakthrough year” deployment requirements, the “double double guide” as “the first battlefield” of economic work, strengthen the big project lead, links, global resources, accumulated across the strong momentum of development at the same time, the project is on a roll.It only took 36 days for the construction of the first floor of the first section of the module workshop of BOE Project to reach the top of the structure, and 35 days for the supporting restaurant to reach the top of the structure.Qingdao Photoelectric display new material Industrial Park only takes 27 days from negotiation to contract, and only takes 30 days from contract to construction.In the second half of the year, two projects of fusion optoelectronics and fusion equipment will be put into trial production…Qingdao west Coast New District photo source: Visual China not only has speed, more effective.In recent years, the West Coast New Area has introduced 617 “four New” economic projects worth more than 100 million yuan, such as IFlytek and JUE View. The added value of “four New” economic projects has increased to 33% of the regional GDP.China’s first 5G high-tech video experimental park was launched.Eight large commercial complexes including Jinding Square were completed and put into operation, and the total retail sales of consumer goods doubled and increased.We will set up the Tangdao Bay Financial Science and Technology Innovation Zone, launch the China-Eu climate investment and financing pilot program, and speed up efforts to develop new sources of capital.There were 11 newly listed enterprises and 238 financial institutions, and the balance of deposits and loans doubled to 606.7 billion yuan. The added value of the financial sector grew at an average annual rate of over 10%.However, we should also see that in the regional economic competition from the perspective of internal cycle, the competition of projects as industrial carriers is increasingly fierce.In 2021, chongqing Liangjiang New Area and Sichuan Tianfu New Area will join the West Coast New Area in the 400 billion yuan square. The latter two, as important nodes of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, are “forming groups to fight”.Liangjiang New Area proposed to accelerate the construction of “core screen device core network” the whole industry chain.Tianfu New Area proposed to further promote the two-way opening of resources and the two-way transformation of achievements together with Chongqing Liangjiang New Area.Avoid siphon effect, in addition to speed up the attack, but also have “unique secrets”.Throughout the concentrated launching activities, manufacturing projects such as “core screen” were focused, while a number of “think tank level” projects focusing on sustainable industrial development and resource coupling, such as Phase II Of Qingdao Ocean Science park, Phase II of Shandong Robot Incubation Base and Industrial Park, shandong Branch of China Resource Satellite Application Center, etc.For example, the second phase of Qingdao Ocean Science and Technology Park, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, is positioned to build a high-end applied Marine economy R&D and industrial technology center and a gathering area of high-end service industry headquarters.After the Marine Science and Technology Park project is put into operation, it is expected to gather 300 blue sea-related and high-tech enterprises and institutions in Qingdao, and drive 10,000 talents in middle and senior industries.The Shandong Branch of China Resources Satellite Application Center has developed and industrially promoted new technology and equipment such as “airborne three-dimensional lidar detection of submarine topography” and “atmospheric three-dimensional multi-parameter Lidar monitoring”, which is leading in China and has broken international barriers.Living and thriving by the sea, the sea is the most distinctive urban feature of the west Coast New District.Among the 80 key projects that will be launched, 7 are hyundai Ocean projects with a total investment of 6.6 billion yuan.At the same time, the unique strength of scientific research and innovation is becoming the “strongest driving force” for projects to take root.In the west coast, key institutes such as the Ocean Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Ocean Engineering, and the China Ocean Equipment Research Institute have been put into operation. There are 12 state-level innovation platforms for sea-related innovation, and over 30 key technologies are world-leading.Marine GDP grew at an average annual rate of 14.1 percent, accounting for nearly 40 percent of the region’s GDP.The big projects of industrial ecology catalyze the explosion of urban vitality. What the big projects bring is not only the expectation of output value, but also the enrichment of urban vitality under the interaction and coupling of factors such as human flow, logistics, information flow and capital flow.The reporter learned that even before the centralized launch of the project, around the project support and other supporting services, catalyzed by the “small projects” have continued to ferment.On March 11th, West Coast Supply and Marketing Group and Qingdao Jinshijia Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Wangtai Street. The two sides will carry out all-round cooperation in project logistics support based on the actual development of Wangtai Street.As excellent representatives of local enterprises in the west Coast, the two enterprises’ business scope covers real estate development, property management, landscaping, agricultural products finishing and distribution, education and training, and many other fields.In the opinion of Zhao Jinlin, Secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Council of The Supply and Marketing Association of Qingdao West Coast New Area, under the new situation of large urban construction, large project concentration and large population growth, it has promoted a new opportunity for enterprises to innovate and build a new platform and mechanism for common development.The next step, both sides will explore a cooperation company, with services such as boe big project, and communities in the building industry, property management, security services, municipal virescence, agricultural product supply, logistics and other fields of all-round cooperation, continuous innovation concept of cooperation, expand the scope of service, the guarantee of big projects to provide comprehensive service.In fact, statistics show that in the past five years, with 40 projects worth 10 billion yuan and 321 investment projects of the World’s top 500, the number of market entities in the West Coast New Area has increased from 180,000 to 400,000, and 26 enterprises are among the top 100 private enterprises in Qingdao.At the same time, Qingdao, as the city with the largest population growth in the seventh population census, continues to attract more talents from the west Coast with the continuous landing of large projects.At present, the job recruitment of boe Mobile display port device Qingdao Production base project is being carried out simultaneously with the project construction.”Equipment and process engineers are in relatively short supply for this project.”Boe, the relevant person in charge of the human resources department, told reporters after the landing of the project, from zero to a process requires a lot of talent, and from the current recruitment situation, more optimistic, it also produces positive significance to subsequent project smoothly, can say, Qingdao to talented person’s appeal for a new line in the north are among the best in the city.