What are the differences of geely Xingrui space and time edition for family cars within 150,000 yuan?

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More youthful and sporty design has become the trend of many car designs in recent years. Whether it is family cars or executive cars, they are drawing closer to the younger direction from the prudent and dignified design in the past.Nowadays, the rich products of family cars within 150,000 yuan can be said to be dazzling for consumers. Since this price range is in line with the budget range of most ordinary consumers, the competition in this price range is increasingly fierce.But at this price point, in order to stand out, the product has to have character and personality.In 10-150000 yuan price range, at present most household vehicles carrying is 1.5 T engine, while domestic power is enough, but for young people to buy a car is not only meet the needs of walking trips, more speed to improve the quality of life and the passionate feelings, if you want to get a better driving experience,I think the dynamic experience of the 2.0T engine is better.Within 150,000 yuan, the family sedan model equipped with 2.0T engine, I believe many people will be like me, the first one will think of Geely Star Rui.Geely Xingrui received very high attention before the listing, after 10 months of hot selling, its sales have exceeded 100,000 +, it can be said that the launch of Xingrui, fill the long-term vacancy of Chinese brands in the car market of more than 120,000 yuan, and broke the limit of China JIA car kingpin price “100,000 yuan ceiling”.The sales volume of high-volume models of Xingrui accounts for 65%, and the average transaction price is over 134,000 yuan, which proves that Xingrui’s premium ability is as good as or even better than the joint venture brands.Star, the car in the background comments section is that many fans are very concerned about models, in June star in order to further enhance competitiveness, and meet the personalized requirements of young people on car, launched two more sporty version models of space and time, respectively is space-time version’s timing and space-time stars, guided price 132700 yuan and 152700 yuan respectively,Now Tian understand elder brother will take you to take a look at the star rui space-time version, what are the different aspects.First of all, the star Rui space version uses a very special “Sky gray” car paint color, which is also the space version configuration unique car paint color, looks not only full of combat feeling, but also has a strong identification, at a glance with other family cars on the road has a distinctive temperament.Not only is the color of the car paint is special, The star Rui space edition of the ordinary version of the car used chrome decoration part of the black processing, including the net, rear view mirror, window frame, side skirt and connecting the two sides of the taillight trim position, so that its overall appearance has a stronger visual impact.Star of front face design feels more generous to the person, the new design of LED lamps twinkle, look at the bottom of the headlight, on both sides of the “tusks” adornment stereo modelling, although the overall look will not give you the feeling of a very fierce, but its design thought is very able to bear or endure look, coupled with time and space on blackened dotted everywhere, more to strengthen its movement attribute,It weakens the delicate feel of the regular version.From the star time version of the side of the body, the most obvious change is to change the size of the wider tires and five double color wheel style, wheel stripes more sparse, it looks more dynamic.The tire width of the star Rui regular version is 215/225mm, while the tire width of the Space-time version is upgraded to 235mm.Star Rui spatio-temporal version of the car to the plain appearance of the body, in the lower part of the wheel before and after the red brake caliper is particularly eye-catching, the gene can be said to be full of star Rui spatio-temporal version of every detail of the location.Xingrui body design adopts the slip back type design, with the line of C-pillar extending to the rear of the car, the space-time version of the car added a small black rear wing in the rear, so that the rear vision is more rich, but not very exaggerated, together with the black tail of these small ornament, the details look more rich.In addition to the addition of the black rear wing, under the rear of the car with a spoiler modeling piano black rear lip, both sides of the exhaust pipe from the ordinary version of the bilateral double was changed to a bilateral total four exhaust port, domiantly exposed.From the appearance of the Star Rui space-time version, it feels like the original modified car with a special car paint color. For young people with personality publicity, there are certainly many people who want to modify their cars, but even now there is more room for modification than before in terms of traffic regulations for car modification.However, such as adding tail fins, changing the exhaust these are still not allowed by the regulations.And the choice of star Rui space-time version of the original “modified car”, can meet the needs of the appearance of the movement, more importantly, do not have to worry about driving on the road by traffic police shu stopped “salute”.When Xingrui was just launched, Brother Understand said that I really like its interior color, yacht blue + gray double color interior, let a person feel refreshing, and at this price model can be said to be almost no second model.Simple and relaxed interior design, clear functional partition, with its delicate leather materials, the overall look of harmony and high sense of ji are very strong.And more inclined to the young movement of xingrui space-time version, its interior color and material is another style.Before entering the car, you can see the “CMA” logo on the back of the seat using bright aurora green embroidery through the window glass, and the bright color seat belt is also very eye-catching.When you open the doors, Alcantara suede covers everything from the door panels to the center console, as well as the seats and ceiling, and even the electronic handles.Xingrui time and Space version of the car uses a black interior color, in the seat, steering wheel stitching as well as the central control panel and seat belt are matched with bright aurora green color, so that the interior atmosphere is full of strong sports atmosphere.In terms of driving dynamic driving and power feeling, The whole series of Star Rui is equipped with a 2.0T engine of the same type as Er Wo, with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, the maximum output power is 190Ps, and the maximum torque is 300N·m, which makes it more competitive than other models of the same level.In terms of dynamic response, the throttle adjustment of Xingrui is more inclined to slow, which can be easily controlled in daily driving.If you want to experience some intense driving and switch from sport mode, The powertrain can also give you a greater sense of explosion. The turbocharging system kicks in after 1000RPM, enabling it to reach peak output faster.In suspension system, and the star like other CMA platform to build models, the paper before, after the multi-link four-wheel independent suspension, which is compared with the higher level models the ji suspension form, for the vibration of the highway and finely processing is exquisite, and after a large trench, it can also be easily cope with.CMA architecture combines the world’s leading “drive-by-wire chassis” with innovative design to realize the centralized calculation of the chassis’s braking system, transmission system, steering system, power system, induction system and other vehicle related data, with joint control, positive feedback response and more direct driving intention.The chassis of Xingrui gives people a feeling of toughness, comfort, sports, very good sense of control, can quickly respond to the driver’s intention, accurate feedback of road condition information.Understand elder brother at the scene of a bi *, porch *, lang *, *, * the five mainstream family car joint venture, the star of exterior and interior design is more in line with the tastes of young people, in terms of dynamic configuration, and body calibration, compared to the above five mainstream joint models, power is stronger, the outbreak of body posture and have more flexibility.In terms of technological configuration, the 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel +HUD display system equipped by Singrui is also a technological configuration that these joint venture models are not equipped with.Written in the last: Star Rui space-time version is based on star Rui ordinary version of the model for young consumers to provide a more special version, fashionable “combat gray” appearance, with black appearance kit, so that it looks more unique.The large Alcantara suede clad interior can further stimulate your desire to drive, but it is not a “selfish car” that only allows drivers to satisfy their desire to drive. The 2800mm wheelbase provides comfortable riding space for the second row of passengers.Panoramic skylight, rear air outlet these configurations can also take care of the family sitting in the back row.As young people to buy their first car, first of all in the price to within the budget, star Rui’s guide price as low as 113,700 yuan to sell, I believe that this price is acceptable to many young people, the highest match is only 152,700 yuan.For that price you get practical space, a handsome design and, most importantly, a powerful 2.0T engine.