Break the Monopoly of Europe and America!Su Yiming winter Olympics debut 1 gold 1 silver Chinese youth Asian pride!

2022-05-12 0 By

Chinese snowboarder Su Yiming won the men’s big jump gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday, scoring 182.50 points to win China’s first snowboard gold medal at the Winter Olympics.Throughout the history of the Winter Olympics, snowboarding slopestyle and big jump have been dominated by European and American athletes, who have won all the MEDALS in these two events.But with the emergence of Su yiming, he broke the monopoly of European and American players in both events.In the men’s slopestyle final, Su yiming matched her rivals in difficulty, but failed to get the details right, losing to Canadian “cancer fighter” Max Parrott.Today’s big platform competition, Su Yiming first two rounds respectively completed the outside turn and inside turn 1800 degrees action, this is the most popular men’s big platform action, you know, he also reserved 1980 degrees of the world’s first difficulty, this is also men’s ceiling action.Is not the final top players in Europe and America, including mark – mike morris, the Max – matteo paro in Canada, Norway’s Mr Welland, clay welland, they are all the X Games medal winner in the world, mike morris X Games MEDALS more than 20, is the great spirit level, but Su Yi did, he beat the elder,This gold medal is full of gold.It’s worth noting that Su is only 17 years old and has a huge future ahead of her.February 18th is the 18th birthday of Su Yiming. Happy birthday to him in advance!