Learn hu Yang spirit, serve for grass-roots masses earnestly

2022-05-12 0 By

People have said that there is a kind of tree in the desert called Populus euphratica, which will not die for a thousand years.It is the “hero tree” in the desert, is also the “patron saint” of the desert.Populus euphratica is a precious forest resource peculiar to desert area.Often growing in the desert, it is cold resistant, drought resistant, saline-alkali resistance, sand resistance, has a strong vitality.Populus euphratica is a unique precious forest resource in the desert area. Its primary role lies in wind prevention and sand fixation, creating a suitable oasis climate and forming fertile soil. For thousands of years, Populus euphratica resolutely guards the border of the desert and keeps watch over sand storms.There is a group of baoding college graduates of youth, miles away, like populus euphratica root in the desert, so that the flowers of youth bloom in the motherland most in need of the place.Go to the west, go to the grassroots, go to the most needed places of the motherland, go there to shed their youth and blood, not only young and promising teachers, into the health centers in poor mountainous areas, bring medical services to every poor people;To give full play to their professional expertise and provide farmers with much-needed knowledge of epidemic prevention and breeding technology;From an ordinary clerk to a leader in local development…Countless grassroots workers have taken on their responsibilities and made selfless contributions in different fields and positions, interpreting the value of youth and writing songs of praise for struggle.In that vast grass-roots land, we have the most worthy of respect and awe of the masses.They don’t have high requirements for the cadres at the grass-roots level. They just hope that they can move their offices to the fields and on the kangs of farmers. They hope that they can talk with them more, listen to their innermost feelings, and solve the practical difficulties in production and life.All the work we have done is for the people. We put the people first and worked hard to solve the problems of the greatest concern to the people.If we sit in an air-conditioned room and cannot be patient and sink down to conduct investigations and studies at the grassroots level and among the people, we will not be able to grasp the real situation, nor will we be able to have a comprehensive, in-depth, timely and accurate understanding of the concerns and concerns of the people, and we will lose our foundation in thinking and making decisions.To truly understand the people, the best way is to integrate into the people, to work in the front line, directly face to face with the people, hand in hand, so as to truly feel what the people’s life is like, where the needs of the people, listen to public opinion, work for the people.Go out among the masses and be a diving fish, not a diving dragonfly.We should listen to the true wishes of the people, understand their thoughts and wishes, and sincerely solve their practical difficulties.The principal contradiction facing Chinese society has evolved into one between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people’s ever-growing needs for a better life.Officials at grassroots level should be emotional to resolve their legitimate and reasonable demands.As a grass-roots workers, will unswervingly walk the mass line, from the masses, to the masses, think of the masses, to the masses of the nasty, work to do everything for the masses, all rely on the masses, will be the focus of work devoted to the grass-roots, implement to serve the people, do a good job to go deep into the masses, to the people the same bench,Only in this way can we win the trust of the people and lead them in building a new era.