Lin Feng in-depth inspection of the Spring Festival security work

2022-05-12 0 By

On the afternoon of the fourth day of the lunar New Year, Lin Feng, deputy district chief, Party secretary of the Public Security Bureau and director of the Public Security Bureau, visited maodian, Nantang, Tiancun and other township police stations, traffic management squadrons, and high-speed checkpoints to check the work of security and stability maintenance during the Spring Festival, visited the civilian auxiliary police on duty, and extended holiday greetings and New Year wishes to them.Traffic control brigade captain Huang Jian accompanied.Checked the police station at MAO store, ling feng video information application system, and looked at the police station on duty BeiQin record, ask for details of the logistics work, he pointed out that the Spring Festival security second half test is more difficult, police station to superior service in strict accordance with the requirements, actions made solid progress “harmonious” 2022 no. 1, scientific deployment patrol work,We will do a good job in ensuring peace and stability, and support the peace and stability of the whole region and the whole city with the peace and stability of each village and town.At the checkpoint of Nantang Expressway, Lin Feng had a detailed understanding of the security protection, on-duty facilities and logistics support of the civilian auxiliary police on duty, and fully affirmed the dedication of the civilian auxiliary police on duty to stick to their posts, fight against the epidemic regardless of the weather.He pointed out that the expressway checkpoint is an epidemic control checkpoint, but also an image of the flag, to do civilized duty, standardized law enforcement, warm service, and urged everyone to pay attention to do a good job of self-protection.Wharf in the south pond town intersection traffic ZhiQinDian, ling feng pointed out that the Spring Festival travel peak will come and take, police and traffic police squadron to strengthen cooperation, plan ahead of time, vigorously regulation drunken driving drunk driving, the overcrowding overload, such as traffic violations, proactive passenger and freight vehicles and mountain area along the road, bridge hidden perils in safety, ensure the security of the people travel, good travel.Ask for details of the police on duty in tamura police station, ling feng BeiQin work, understand the “p thousand car supply” support in the civilian police, civilian police work, carefully looked at the duty, JieChuJing parameter, on-site inspection service window and interior environment, he asked police station auxiliary police in strict accordance with the people on duty arrangement, insist on in office,Carry out the “three three on” (big visit, big investigation, big renovation, the heart of the matter, people to the door, car road) work, the maximum police street surface, road, vigorously improve the police rate, the rate of stewardship, effectively enhance the sense of security of the masses.Field in tian village baohua temple, ling feng looked at the fire control facilities and fire equipment, fire responsibility to carry out the situation, police station, requiring them to co-operate with the local party committee government and fire emergency departments, enhance the promotion of fire patrol and safety during the Spring Festival, developing large activities on-site security and traffic channel, and protected from fire, stampede, traffic safety accidents.Just, Ganzhou city public Security Bureau resident id card production hang out!Please inform your friends and relatives that someone is using it to attack ganzhou people!Police emergency warning △ New Year’s Eve, district party secretary Liao Yongping visited the frontline civilian auxiliary police!△ Six on the podium, Ganxian public security news again!▽ 19th in the province, this sense of security has your participation!Editor: Chen Lu Review: Zhu Liang