The seventh day of the Chinese New Year is “seven days”, “avoid 1 thing to do 2 things to eat 3 taste”, for the children na Xiang Na fu

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From the kitchen for 40 years, only food and love can not live up to!Look forward to and like food you become friends, welcome you to “pay attention to” me!The old chef cooks with you.According to legend, when the Goddess Nu Wa created all things in the world, the first six days have created a chicken, dog, pig, sheep, cattle, horse these six livestock, to the seventh day according to their appearance created a human.Therefore, people defined the seventh day of the Lunar New Year as “human seven days”, which means the birthday of human beings and commemorates the creation of our human beings by the Goddess Nu Wa.Of course, this is only the myth tradition, is the traditional amorous feelings of humanity.According to the tradition of the past, the seventh day, the seventeenth day, the twenty-seventh day respectively correspond to the children, the young people, the old “person seven days”, the seventh day of the New Year of course belongs to the children.On the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, according to the traditional customs, we should pay attention to what things can be done, what things to avoid doing, and what traditional food to eat?7 big NianChuQi is “people”, “avoid is 1 to do 2 things feed 3 taste”, for children, auspicious fortune: 01 eat noodles people common birthday, preferred food is to eat “longevity noodles”, the “seven days” of the traditional food, too, is to give family do eat delicious noodles, this is also the most traditional food recognized by people.In the past, people used to eat hand-rolled noodles, which were made thin and long, symbolizing a long life.Now, people do not pay attention to these, as long as the noodles on the line, according to the family’s hobby, beef noodles, meat noodles, soy pot noodles, noodles……Make whatever noodles you want for your family.In southern China, the most popular dish for seven days is “Lao Yusheng”, a family sitting at a table, fishing for fish slices with chopsticks, saying in unison “Lao Ah, fa ah;Fish, hair.”This yusheng, a bit similar to sichuan cooking fish, pickled cabbage fish or Shandong cuisine slip fish fillet and other such dishes, the fish into thin fish fillet, diving in the boil mature.In addition to the above dishes, there is another holiday food that is most popular on the 7th Day, and that is the pancake box.In the past, people would spread pancakes in the courtyard, which was called “smoking the sky” and could take away the bad luck of the family for a year.The pancakes are thin and fragrant, and are filled with cooked food, marinated meat and green vegetables loved by the family, known as “pancake boxes”.04 Sending vulcan in some areas of the north, there is a custom of sending vulcan for seven days.It is to use crop straw tied into a torch in the shape of the home to light the torch, and then take the torch far out, when the torch is finished burning, throw it outside.Equivalent to sending vulcan far away, home this year is safe, there will be no fire.05 Boil seven treasure soup big day seven people seven days this early in the morning, but also for the family boil “seven treasure soup” drinking, in the day for the family to beg an auspicious.The so-called “qibao soup” is a porridge made of seven kinds of green vegetables, just like the pickles porridge made by every family in the past.However, different regions use different vegetables, there is no unified standard, as long as the use of seven vegetables on the line.Because the seventh day of the Chinese New Year is the “person seven days” for children, therefore, on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, parents can not beat and scold their children.This seems to be more to advocate, not only people on the seven days of the day, usually also to children more patience, more education, less abuse.In addition, there are some areas in the person on the seventh day, to visit as little as possible, the whole family stay at home for seven days.The seventh day of the first month is “person seven days”, to “eat 3 taste do 2 avoid 1 thing”, for the children na Fu Na Xiang.Friends, how did you get past seven days?What are the special customs and humanities?Please share your local interesting things with your friends!40 years of smoke and fire, looking forward to making friends like doing food, welcome you to “pay attention to” me!Please put forward your valuable advice!For more highlights, check out the 40-year-old Chef