Heilongjiang a sister in 120 points test paper test out 125 points, big blank but hook, sister second understand

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Guide language: sister in the exam paper fraud, sister a second to see the clue, net friend: on the basis of full marks and added five points.Recently, a woman was reading her sister’s paper in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, when the 125 mark caught the woman’s attention.It’s like 120 out of 100 in math, right?My sister’s score is 125, so where did the extra five come from?The woman then looked at her sister’s paper carefully and found that the big questions in the back had not been written at all, but had been checked in red. She immediately understood that her sister was cheating.The woman then checked with her sister and confirmed that her score was 120 out of 100, so she was 100 percent sure that her 125 score was wrong.The sister next to her tried to explain, but ultimately failed.It’s ok not to tell my mother, but you have to pay me not to tell her, so hurry up.”I bet your sister got either a 25 or a 12 on the exam, but the teacher didn’t add five points to the full mark because she was too clean on the exam.””Actually, I used to do this when I was a kid, but I didn’t change my grades too much. 125 is too much. I used to change my grades to 80 or 90.””All corners of the country on the matter I advise you less inquire, give you hush money don’t talk on the line, the child’s matter has nothing to do with adults.”Here small make up still want to say, got bad grades may be parents punish this is very normal things, each child had been in this phase of my life, but if fear went to fraud, it is very wrong behavior, or want to face your own mistakes, and learn from it, the next time to correct.If you cheat, you will only form the habit of lying.What do you think about this?