Here are 7 things I recommend to get back to work quickly after the holidays

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After all, it’s Chinese New Year, and we always have to give ourselves a good holiday after a busy year.But sometimes, like flesh, we relax too much and bounce back, returning our shapely bodies to their chubby, chubby, cuddly looks.But not many people like their own cuteness.However, we don’t have to worry too much about these things. For example, when we are having fun with our family and friends during the Spring Festival, we suddenly realize that we are fat and put down the dishes. This will be more painful for us.Because, it seems, we can’t be happy for the sake of self-discipline.And with that kind of pain, can we really keep ourselves in shape?As it turns out, it doesn’t, because suffering only makes us lose more, not gain more.My own attitude is that when it’s time to relax, you should be happy and happy.Of course, when it comes to work and study, we should also devote ourselves to it.It’s a process to get back in shape, and there’s going to be a process that’s going to be slow and fast, so we need to make that process as fast as possible so that we have more time to achieve our goals for this year.Here are 7 simple things to do at the start of your post-holiday work.1. Think Before doing anything, we should give ourselves time to think, it will get twice the result with half the effort.Give yourself half a day to think, think what?Think about the past, present and future.Think about the past, the past year, what you did, what you didn’t do, what you gained, what you lost.But I do not recommend sighing over past regrets, because regrets are inevitable in our lives, and what we can do is to reduce them.Think about the future, what you want to achieve and what you should do in the coming year.As I was riding the bullet train yesterday, I thought about the things I planned to buy in the coming year, such as a new cell phone, a wireless Bluetooth headset, a diy bookshelf, and some important groceries.These are things that cost money, but will give you more motivation to work, because they don’t just fall out of the sky for nothing.Think about the present, the step in front of you, what you should do.The past has passed, the future is still to come, we can do, is to take each step in front of us.Like me, at the moment, I will write this article, this is an important step in front of me.Thinking is all about sorting things out, and our work and life are already difficult. Thinking clearly makes it easier.Empty their so-called empty, is nothing to do.Get back on track. Why do nothing?In fact, before we can get back to work or school, we need to get our “play” back.Remember to go to school, when the holiday begins, in class, between our classmates do first thing in the share of fun during Chinese New Year, is very happy, but it has also led to the us in learning more difficult to find the condition, such as the teacher, our mind is on the happy things, never mind what the teacher says.Therefore, don’t feel that you can’t find your state by doing nothing. Instead, you will let your “play heart” slowly cool down, and we will have more power to ignite the “struggle heart”.3, there is a very useful tip, when we start the day, but do not know how to start, might as well try to open any tool you as a record, or notepad, or a variety of cloud notes, or wechat moments, etc., write something.You can write about your mood at that time, you can write about your thoughts or feelings after watching a movie or a book, you can write about something you saw on your way to work, you can also write about your thoughts according to some topics on the Internet.Let’s not think about writing so hard, because sometimes we want to use more beautiful words, more beautiful sentences, but when we think about these things, we gradually lose touch with the essence of writing.What is the essence of writing?It’s as simple as writing down what’s on your mind.And the way we write helps us get to work faster.Because writing requires us to be quiet, it requires us to think, it requires us to focus, even if it is only a hundred words, it is enough to make myself feel.As soon as I got back from my hometown, I looked at the dust in my apartment. It wasn’t much, but there was some, so I wiped it off a little today.In addition to the desktop files in reality, there are desktop, file folders on the computer, if it is a computer in the company, a few days useless, also want to open familiar with the deletion of the deletion, the archive of the archive, can also be ready for the new start.This kind of organizing work will also let us gradually adapt to busy, and it is what we should do.So try to do this little thing, clean up a little, throw away some unnecessary items, and have a clean and tidy environment, which will put you in a better mood to move forward.5, reading now reading is really too convenient, but also can read all kinds of free books, such as APP wechat reading, as long as you read any books, will send you free free reading function, published books can read for free, read more send much, but also can get paper books……Back to the subject.The little thing of reading can really help us get back to work and study quickly.In fact, when their own initiative to open the book to read the moment, our brain into the state of thinking, our attention will also focus on the content.Of course, all this assumes that we are interested in a book and think it will last, otherwise we become distracted, let alone in finding our way back.In addition, reading does not have to be a paper book, just like I said app wechat reading, is also a very good way to read, there are e-book readers, etc., you can use your own favorite way.It doesn’t matter how you read the book.Sleep and exercise Sleep and exercise these two things, say small also small, say big also big.But I suggest you do both.First, sleep.If you can’t sleep well, how can you be in good shape?And at the beginning of the New Year, overtime is less, we should let ourselves have a sufficient sleep.In addition, if you oversleep during Spring Festival, such as sleeping late at night and sleeping until noon during the day, you may want to adjust your sleep schedule to get back to work more quickly.Then there is exercise.Try jogging or some ball games. I’m sure most people don’t do much exercise during Spring Festival, and they gain a lot of weight after eating so much delicious food.So the movement or exercise, on the one hand in order to let oneself have more energy, on the other hand, appropriate exercise is also for the sake of their own health.7. Make a Small plan To get back to work quickly, I don’t recommend making a long plan, such as an annual goal.You can start with monthly goals and refine them to weekly and daily goals.Only by doing well in the present can we do well in the future.I have one small piece of advice for planning. Don’t try to make yourself fat all at once.Writing at the end of time is so fast, when we sigh that the holiday went by so quickly, the holiday is really over.The New Year has begun, we also have to start a new journey, must not indulge in the past happiness, it will only let us lose more.I also wish everyone can move forward steadily in the New Year and slowly achieve their goals.Note: Personal forwarding to moments of friends or group chat is not authorized