Yanjin strictly check the behavior of setting off fireworks!Two were detained and two fined

2022-05-13 0 By

In recent days, yanjin County public Security Bureau organized a special rectification of fireworks, according to the law to investigate and punish a number of illegal storage, buying and selling fireworks, actively eliminate security risks, to maintain social public safety.On January 19, 2022, Li Mou of Tabu Street office in Yanjin County illegally stored dangerous substances of fireworks and firecrackers in his own supermarket, and seized 100 firecrackers.To Li mou administration detains 5 days, capture firecracker 100.At 17:10 on January 23, 2022, the police in The Sanggu Police Station of Yanjin County, Henan Province found on the spot that a supermarket in Sanggu Township illegally stored and traded fireworks, and did not truthfully register the identity information of the buyer of fireworks and firecrackers.A fine of 500 yuan was imposed on Shen.At 19:55 on January 25, 2022, the police of Weiqiu Police Station found a supermarket in Weiqiu township illegally stored 36 firecrackers and 1 box of fireworks in violation of the regulations on fireworks management during their patrol.Shen so-and-so administrative detention 5 days, and capture its illegal storage of firecrackers 36 hang, fireworks 1 box.January 27, 2022, 19 PM, FengZhuang YanJin County public security bureau police station found during inspection: police in henan province YanJin County FengZhuang town a small supermarket is memory is the fireworks, the police field were detained in accordance with the law, the inventory found a total of 87 boxes of fireworks, police in accordance with the law will be illegal suspects wang mou a summons to the investigation of the public security organ for handling, and to accept the case according to law for administrative cases.Fine wang mou 500 yuan.