Dutch antitrust authorities fined Apple 5 million euros per week, 5 weeks!The total amount is about 180 million yuan

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Apple has been fined by the Netherlands five times in a row.Apple has been fined 25 million euros (180 million yuan) by the Dutch Regulatory authority (ACM) on antitrust grounds.In recent years, Dutch antitrust authorities have continued to investigate Whether Apple abused its dominant market position.The move comes after several Dutch dating app developers filed multiple lawsuits against Apple, asking regulators to investigate apple’s built-in payment system.According to the report, the ACM ordered the App Store to open third-party payments bypassing in-app purchases to all dating apps by January 15, 2022, with a fine of 5 million euros per week.The fines have so far risen to €25m.Similarly, on February 15th a Dutch foundation said it was preparing a class-action lawsuit against Google and Apple, and is now gathering plaintiffs.The foundation claims Apple and Google are abusing their dominant positions, with Dutch consumers paying around 1 billion euros to the two companies since the launch of their app stores.The Foundation is called the App Store Claims Foundation and is headed by Dutch tech entrepreneur and journalist Alexander Klping.Crowe said, apple and Google is abusing its market dominance, provisions in its app store every transaction to application developers need to charge up to 30% of the commission, it is unfair for the market, while developers have done to the app store to complain about the most, but ultimately cost on to consumers.According to a statement released by the foundation, they will take collective action against Apple and Google to recover losses for all users of the two app stores, and call on Dutch residents to sign up for the claim.As for the class-action lawsuit process, the foundation said it would first invite Apple and Google to negotiate to find a solution and avoid legal action.Simultaneously preparing lawsuits in case Apple and Google do not comply;In addition, the foundation will seek to participate in the lawsuit for free, with costs borne by Apple and Google, a percentage of the compensation it receives may go to the Foundation, and no costs to the participants if the case ends in defeat.A spokesperson for Alphabet, Google’s parent company, did not respond directly to this comment, but the company immediately said it had reduced Google Play fees.Source: 21st Century Business Herald Original headline: Dutch antitrust authorities fine Apple 5 million Euros per week, 25 million euros in 5 weeks!