Not even luck!Big eyebrow elder brother lost the kill, the two giants led by the disabled fast boat team

2022-05-14 0 By

Beijing time on 4 February, the NBA regular season, the lakers’ game against the clippers, a game that is absolutely wonderful, especially the last moment, can be said to be immortal fight, each goal is five plus the ball, in the end, the lakers lost dead ball Davis, the Los Angeles lakers to a 110-11 by the clippers, lost one point.The lakers had no luck, and it was really sad. In the last minute, Westbrook made a 2-pointer to give the Lakers a 1-point lead. After that, the Clippers didn’t lose the ball and the Lakers didn’t guard, Reggie made a 2-pointer and the scores changed again.After the lakers’ monk spent a 3-pointer, very deadly, but small morris clippers is also a critical moment to stand out, is also hit a 3-pointer, gap between the two sides did not open, continued to anxiety, after heavy eyebrows brother dead dunk, play the imposing manner, at this point, the clippers have no pause.And Reggie final moments of layup, the game is only 4 seconds, at this time, to see whether the Lakers can kill, as the team’s boss at this time, Meeyebrows with the ball a dragon attack, throw brush frame and missed the shot, Meeyebrows angry hands his head, very frustrated.Obviously, the lakers haven’t luck, you know, they face is the residual matrix clippers, no George, Leonard, but the lakers somehow has less heavy eyebrows and elder brother two giants, in fact, the lakers three quarters are in a backward state, only the last section with good performance, but ultimately failed.It was a disappointing performance for the Lakers, who were just missing 37-year-old lebron James and were playing against a hamstring Clippers team that, after all, couldn’t beat most teams in the league, even with good performances from Westbrook and Davis.