Xia Yuling Tang Dawei is what TV play role?

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Xia Yuling tang Dawei is a character in the TV series Angels Tonight.”Tonight’s Angel Comes” by Ma Su, Li Xiaoran and other starring TV series, mainly tells the story of urban women have different attitudes towards pregnancy.Tian Tian, an urban white-collar worker, is afraid to get pregnant because of her busy work schedule and unaffordable consumption in big cities.Lin Ting, a gynecologist, has a different attitude towards pregnancy, but she has no intention of getting pregnant because she was betrayed by her lover.Peng Jiajia is a rich lady, no economic ability, although has had a child, but now urgently want to have two children, for her no economic pressure, no emotional betrayal, so the treatment of pregnancy is very positive.There are a lot of interesting stories happening in the show, but each one tells us something about the women behind the scenes.The series not only deals with pregnancy, but also introduces the situation of women in the workplace and relationships.