Zheng Shaoqiu’s daughter was interviewed for the first time and revealed that her parents rarely mentioned the reason, which was said to be rubbing heat

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On February 5, Hong Kong media reported that 34-year-old Cheng Xinyi, in a rare interview with Qi Xian Yu, described her hardships after her debut.In the photo, Cheng looks stylish in a yellow and blue cardigan and round earrings with long blonde hair.Zheng Xinyi is Zheng Shaoqiu, Shen Dianxia’s daughter, since childhood is the focus of attention.However, due to her mother’s obesity genes, she was already overweight at an early age, which severely affected her body.As she gets older, she pays more attention to her looks, so at Zhang’s suggestion, she started her own diet.After unremitting efforts, she finally succeeded in losing weight, thin a melon seed face.At TVB’s Golden Children’s Songs Award ceremony in 2005, Cheng played a fairy tale princess and kissed Wu Zhuoxi.But as soon as the show aired, TVB received a barrage of complaints, smashing last year’s record.Netizens called the scene of Zheng and Wu’s kiss “the kiss of death” and made a spoof video.Ms. Cheng said a vicious encounter began when she played the princess and kissed Ms. Wu.She was only 18 at the time, and it didn’t please her that it was just one kiss and she was dubbed the “kiss of death.”The hilarious videos from netizens seemed to push her off a mountain.Cheng xinyi during this time, her “princejoyce” nickname, from where.She didn’t want to be a princess any more. She thought being a prince would be more attractive and she could take care of herself.Cheng revealed that she rarely mentions her mother in public, except on special occasions, because she is often called a philanderer.To be honest, Zheng Xinyi rarely mentioned shen Dianxia and her father Zheng Shaoqiu. Over the years, she rarely spent time with her daughter, probably for fear of being said that she was spending time.Although the journey is not easy, Zheng Xinyi has been frustrated, but she did not get frustrated, but constantly improve their professional level.Over the years, she has continued to release beautiful songs and become more and more popular. Last month, she won her coveted vocalist award, which has turned her reputation upside down.