A license to fly away

2022-05-15 0 By

I believe that every novice driver on the road is afraid of their violation of traffic laws and regulations today xiaobian to expose the novice just on the audacity of drunk driving during the internship!Case review about 15 PM on February 12, the traffic police scenic brigade peach blossom valley squadron traffic police on duty in double horse village, the road to carry out the drunken driving control, found a white car in the traffic police wanted to run, then drive the police car to intercept, the duty police found when alcohol was carried out on the pilot test, the alcohol content of 24 mg / 100 ml,Driving a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol.When checking relevant documents, the police found that the driver got his driving license in March 2021 and completed his internship in March this year. According to the driver, he drank a little wine at a party with friends in the afternoon and thought he was sane enough to drive normally, but was unexpectedly seized by the traffic police on his way home.Finally, according to the driver’s illegal behavior, the police imposed a fine of 1000 yuan according to the law, recorded 12 points of punishment and cancel the driving license to re-conduct the relevant subject test. Finally, all customs clearance to obtain the driving license you do not know how to cherish it!?Here’s what you should pay attention to during your internship!Don’t let the hand of the driver’s license “fly” again!Tai ‘an traffic police once again remind everyone whether new drivers or old drivers do not touch the red line of drunk driving do not touch alcohol travel all the way flat Tai ‘an Radio and TELEVISION Station Tai ‘an sound of Melting media center source: Tai ‘an Traffic police