Close to the people and practical pure electric car, BYD Qin EV might as well understand, economic and reliable

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Due to the premium of parts and the overall development cost, pure electric three-box cars have always been unable to be fully accepted by domestic consumers, especially in the process of continuous improvement of a large number of infrastructure construction, the subdivision of pure electric sedan is still growing slowly like squeezing toothpaste.We are not willing to buy pure electric, on the one hand, the relevant supporting facilities are not mature, on the other hand, it is completely because of the price is expensive, the range is limited, so, in the end is there a suitable price, the range is appropriate car, suitable for domestic working families?The 2020 Qin EV High-endurance Premium model with a comprehensive subsidy of 139,900 yuan may be a good answer.In terms of exterior design, Dragon Face has not been cancelled because of qin EV’s low positioning. The polygonal intake grille of the vehicle is still remarkable, and the frame surrounded by black slender strips has a visual feeling of being frameless. The striped matrix arranged in the center makes it less like a closed grille.The front bumper adopts the traditional way of penetration, and chrome strip is added to decorate the expansion position on both sides, making the whole appear more stable.Headlamp design, near and far lights and daytime running lights adopt full LED light source processing, the former provides the same matrix of five particle lamp cavity, in which, the far light will each occupy an independent lens;The latter, in the shape of an L-shaped light band, surrounds the lower edge of the headlamp, while the outward-projecting part of the lampshade is embedded with a turn signal.In terms of side body design, the size of qin EV is 4675/1770/1500mm, and the wheelbase is 2670mm. The whole body shows A traditional three-compartment style. Because of the large tilt Angle of PILLAR A and pillar C, the engine compartment and the trunk are relatively independent in structure.Except the lower edge of the window with chrome plating, the rest of the wood is relatively ordinary.In the rear of the car, the height of the independent trunk structure has been raised, and the trunk cover and rear bumper both have an upward trend. Although the horizontal lines here are relatively shallow, they still bring multiple layers to the rear of the car.In addition, the rear bumper is completely surrounded by hard plastic sheeting.Taillight design, are connected by a chrome plating of a strip insert the tail lights, on modelling is similar to the ancient “ji”, its edge and internal partition of different function chy-tech blackened decoration bar, including clearance lights, brake lights, lights and rear fog lamps, have relatively clear partition, flank of the extension also optimized the lighting to remind the effect of back.Interior design central control design, symmetrical central control layout through simple horizontal decorative belt and decorative panel through, on both sides and the central air conditioning air outlet dislocation layout to create a better sense of wind, while the instrument panel and suspension touch screen are kept parallel.The front end of the shift mechanism is a cup holder, while the air conditioner and common function buttons are integrated around the block handle. The steering wheel is designed with flat bottom three-spoke and marked with Chinese instructions.Decorative materials, the central console or hard materials, but the upper end of the lined plastic or softened, and the lower end is connected to the air outlet and cover the central channel of the metal plate, the latter will also be extended towards the door handle.There will be a small amount of paint on the shift mechanism and steering wheel, while leather covers the steering wheel and seats as well as the armrest area throughout the car.The 10.1-inch touch screen still offers adaptive rotation, and DiLink is not the latest version, but it does offer real-time navigation, voice control, remote connection, and OTA updates.Although the car does not support mobile connectivity, it can be connected to entertainment through built-in software such as Baidu Map and Kuwo Music.In terms of vehicle configuration, in the part related to driving, BYD provides qin EV with reversing image, cruise control, uphill assistance, and driving mode selection system that can realize snow and movement.In terms of cabin use, the vehicle is equipped with electric sunroof, front and rear cup holders, keyless entry, three USB ports for the whole vehicle and optional Bluetooth keys;In the part related to the ride, it provides the main driver electric seat, automatic air conditioning and other configurations.In terms of cabin space, Qin EV can provide 1 punch + front head space for the experiencer who is 176cm tall. At the same time, after sitting down in the back seat, the experiencer can also leave 1 punch and 2 punch allowance for his head and legs.The platform uplift of the back row is not high, but the depth of the bracket of the armrest box is insufficient, which has a slight impact on the feet.On the mechanical structure of the power assembly, Qin EV uses a front-layout permanent magnet synchronous motor, its maximum power is 100kW(136Ps), the maximum torque is 180N·m, the transmission is a single speed gearbox commonly used in pure electric vehicles;As for the power battery, the three-yuan lithium battery of the vehicle has a capacity of 53.1kWh, which can support the vehicle’s pure electric range of 421km NEDC and can complete half an hour of quick charging, which is quite practical for family cars or medium and long distance travel.Chassis suspension, qin EV front axle for common McPherson independent suspension, torsion beam rear axle is conducive to save some space of type independent suspension, the bias on the set-up is not obvious, but to do well in dynamic driving, the topdress filter also does not have too big problem, the comprehensive stability applies to family instead of walking.In the end, BYD QIN EV is not the top product in byd’s new energy layout at this stage, but through the positioning of the 2020 Qin EV high-endurance premium model, it is not difficult to see that the vehicle is aiming at the family commuting market strategy is very successful, and at the same time maintaining a more appropriate price and range,It also caters to young people’s tastes in things like assisted driving and connected entertainment, and it’s hard to find fault with them.