Come here to see the colorful geothermal landscape

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Come here to see the colorful geothermal landscape.Volcanic hot Sea is tengchong’s most distinctive natural landscape, with 97 volcanoes, 88 hot springs, yunnan hot Springs, Tengchong hot Springs in Yunnan, Tengchong is the only place in China where volcanoes and geothermal co-exist.Tengchong is located in the Eurasian plate and Indian plate collision zone, near the underground magma activity is strong, and now there are still two diameter of 10-30 kilometers of the magma capsule exists in the depth of the underground 7 to 25 km, the north and south direction of fracture system is very developed magma heat energy is released here, continuously formed tengchong geothermal, hot springs, hot springs, 124.In the 5-kilometer-long fault zone, the water temperature of 14 hot springs exceeds 90, which is the tengchong geothermal in the most concentrated area of “Hot sea”. The geothermal features are jet holes, air jet ground, hot boiling springs, geysers, hot spring blooms and hydrothermal explosion, forming a colorful geothermal landscape.These hot springs, springs of steam separately according to the chemical composition, divided into carbon acid such as springs, spring, spring sulfate, carbonate and sulfur spring area, lush, lush, sulfuric acid in spring area, about 80 meters long, about 40 meters wide, steaming, everywhere have voice howls, exposing sand on the surface of the earth, and no grass, people dare not enter.Yubochuan fire lava along the river valley of the bathhouse, winding, shaped like a black snake, known as the “volcano snake”, the river banks are not only everywhere boiling water, heat lightly out of the river, there are also hot hot water, the river into warm water, people can take a bath in the river.Lion head, in the form of open mouth, loyal guard hot sea male division head, known as lion head, hot sea for the most spectacular hot spring flowers.Toad’s mouth, under the waterfall of sichuan soup ship, seen from a distance, like open-mouthed toad, warm water from the rock to the pulsing tilt, every 1 ~ 3 seconds, like “toad spit water”, the only boiled, pulsing of the fountain of the long days, precipitated a lot of white tufa, generates a lot of high temperature around the green pool.Pearl Spring 4.5 meters long and 2 meters wide, formed by hundreds of jet holes of water, due to the condensation bubbles rising from the spring, in the water and the surface of the water formed beads slowly gush, gently rolling like pearls on the water, was named Pearl spring.Glasses as glasses spring, also known as sister springs, hot springs are the two side by side, spring hole is round, sinter accumulation and become, like glasses, called glasses springs, the springs have an alias “bottomless pit”, in the spring water boiled eggs, after a while the egg disappeared one by one, the outlet is a spiral spring, tunnel is tilting,Because it’s sucking in the eggs one by one as it comes out of the water.Drumming spring spring because of many changes in the road to form a lot of holes, springs for geysers, spring intermittent ejection in the process of cavity resonance, drum rumble, like the ancient battlefield drums, known as drumming spring.Pregnant well longfeng is divided into two Wells, is laden Qi spring, has the promotion of metabolism, endocrine regulation and other functions, to infertile women to bring good news in many cases, the pictograph between the two Wells is “tiger face double dragon map”.Cauldron, the most famous tourist resort is cauldron, because rich in sulfur, so the original sulfur pool, later known as the “hot sea”, cauldron diameter of 6.12 meters, water depth can reach 1.5 meters, water temperature is 96.6 degrees, “pot bottom” can reach 102 degrees.”Yunnan 18 strange” “eggs with grass string in cuttings to sell”, bought the egg string, can be used next to the pot of hot steam steam, eat unique flavor.