Opening news | Fuzhou during the Spring Festival only two sets of opening home property to open the cold?

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Review during the Spring Festival (1.24-2.6) last Friday area average price rose slightly, trading volume fell 96.85%, the main deal for the average price of 26964 yuan /㎡.Minhou trading volume decreased 93.31%, the average transaction price rose significantly, the main transaction items for the average price of 16821 yuan /㎡.Fuzhou during the Spring Festival only two sets of opening home property to open cold?Xincheng Excellent Banyan Fenghua has opened on January 26th!The main push is about 89 square meters of three to four rooms, a total of 81 houses.The average residential sales price is 23500 yuan /㎡, free parking space.3#/2T5/21F landing /01.06 unit /42 sets, 5#/2T6/23F landing /07 unit (excluding floors 1 to 3, 14 to 15, 17 and 23) /16 sets, 6#/2T6/24F/1F commercial /07 Unit /23 sets;Total 81 sets of blank folded after the average price of about 23500 yuan /㎡, to send a parking spot in addition to the table price, to send a property right parking space normal down payment.The main push is about 193-205 square meters of five rooms, a total of 46 houses.The average residential sales price is 40000 yuan /㎡.On January 27, 2022, 1#/4T3 (193㎡2T2, 205㎡2T1) /17F/1F overhead, 2F0203 unit overhead /46 sets, a total of 46 sets of blank, the average transaction price is about 40,000 yuan/m2, no record price part of the normal down payment in addition, there are many pure real estate in Fuzhou in the near future.For example, Sunshine city Xu Hui Rongxin River, Vanke city light.Note: the above real estate information statistics until February 11, the product, the main push 65-165 flat type, there are two to three rooms in the small gang needs a house (Sunshine City Xu Hui Rong Xinjiang), there are four rooms to improve the large house (such as Vanke city light), buyers can choose according to the demand.Fuzhou is about to open the project distribution map words not to say, the following a look at fuzhou these will open the project overview.Vanke City Light project is located in the hongtang parking lot of subway Line 4 in the northeast of the intersection of Jinshan Avenue and Third Ring Road in Cangshan District. The total land area is 177,183 square meters (265.77 mu), and the planned land nature is residential and commercial land.The project is close to Banzhou Station of Metro Line 4 (the former Orange Garden Station), with a total area of about 320,000 square meters, including 260,000 square meters of commercial housing, 20,000 square meters of commercial (centralized commercial, of which 8,500 square meters need to be bought back), a kindergarten of 9 classes and related supporting facilities.Sun City Xu Hui Rong Xin Jiang lai first phase of the main push 2#, 3#, 5#, 6# building about 89-137 square meters new products appointment, is about to open.The project is located next to the Party School of Shangjie New Province. The core area of Houguangu village is planned in the northwest of the project. In the future, the Third Minhou Bridge (Jingxi – Shangjie) will also pass through the surrounding area.At the same time, the project is adjacent to Guobin Avenue, Hongtang Bridge, the third ring Road, Qishan Avenue, Wulongjiang Avenue, and is close to the Subway Line 2 Shangjie station, which can quickly reach all parts of the city.The above is the main content of fuzhou has opened and will open projects, small and medium-sized rigid housing, but also to improve the large area, a variety of products.If you are interested in the above projects, please call Leju 400 to know more about the project.Article source: Le Ju buying quality content recommended shutdown more than seven years!Fuzhou famous rotten end plate “change the name of rebirth”, the official will be completed next year | metro line 3 trend again exposed!Finally Fuzhou West station?Attached along the real estate map fujian this expressway has new progress!Through many places, starting point in Sanming