The Japanese government plans to provide 100,000 yen for each student

2022-05-15 0 By

Starting from March 14, the Japanese government decided to further relax the entry restriction policy, increasing the maximum number of daily entry to 7,000 students. On this basis, an additional 1,000 students will be allowed to enter Japan each day to ensure that students can come to Japan smoothly.With the opening of Japan to the outside world, international students can finally come to Japan to experience the real life of studying abroad.According to Japanese media, the Japanese government plans to provide 100,000 yen per student to both foreign and Japanese students in financial difficulties.The Japanese government will officially allow foreign students to enter Japan from March 1, and will allow more than 100,000 foreign students to enter Japan from March 11.Under the plan, 100,000 yen per student will be provided to those who are in financial difficulties due to COVID-19 and cannot earn income through part-time work.The government will also provide 100,000 yen per student to Japanese students at universities, graduate schools, and specialized schools whose living conditions are strained due to the prolonged outbreak.The Japanese government grants grants to The Japan Student Support Organization (JASSO), and students submit their applications to their schools, which then send the list of approved students to JASSO. JASSO then distributes the grants to students.Once approved, students will receive the 100,000 yen subsidy as early as this month.Therefore, students who come to China in March can try to apply through the school if they have financial difficulties or their income is reduced due to their part-time jobs.