The celebrity couple’s divorce was officially announced just before the New Year, but they are no longer as popular as Internet celebrities

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Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying officially announced their divorce ahead of the Spring Festival, the Year of the Tiger.Online reaction was surprisingly calm, as if the celebrity couple’s split came as no surprise.In fact, as early as two years ago, it was reported that Huang Xiaoming and big baby got a divorce certificate in Qingdao, but the parties repeatedly denied, we did not take the same thing.After seven years of marriage, rumors about huang xiaoming and Yang Ying’s divorce have never stopped, and even their love history has been uncovered by Internet users.But they are not afraid of gossip, still love you nong I nong.On May 27, 2015, Big Baby and Huang Xiaoming registered with Qingdao Civil Affairs Bureau.Their wedding ceremony of the century took place at the Shanghai Exhibition Center on Oct. 8, and the extravagance was staggering.The couple also invited more than half of the entertainment industry to attend, which shows huang xiaoming’s deep connections.Big baby also benefits from her husband’s relationship, all the way film and television, variety resources received soft.With fame, fashion endorsements followed.At this moment, the big baby is happy, especially the variety show “Running man”, let people see a different big baby, appearance level is also the peak, just like has jumped to the first line actress.In one TV series, Big Baby was paid 80 million yuan, which was in 2016, and the TV series was too stingy, which made big baby come under fire.Always think that celebrity entertainers are loved by fans, that is also a skill.But do what you’re good at and don’t cross boundaries.Big baby looks pretty and has a strong sense of variety shows. It’s actually good to be a variety show star.It happened that they had to force themselves to do an actor, but also a not so dedicated actor, was criticized that is beyond reproach.Since 2019, huang xiaoming and Big Baby’s marriage is rumored to have become more and more intense, and their interaction has also begun to decrease.Their divorce is now official, bringing an end to their marriage ahead of the Year of the Tiger.Marriages between celebrities have always been viewed negatively by the outside world, and in recent years, almost all of the celebrity couples who have been viewed negatively have divorced.I just don’t know who it will be next time.