During the Spring Festival, I worked for the Criminal Investigation Team to carry out anti-fraud propaganda activities during the Spring Festival

2022-05-16 0 By

At the beginning of the year of the Tiger, in order to constantly improve the mass anti-fraud awareness, can quickly identify all kinds of fraud means, On February 5, the fifth day of the year, wenshan Municipal Public Security Bureau criminal investigation group organized civilian auxiliary police to seven flower square, Wenxin farmers market to carry out anti-fraud centralized publicity activities.The masses of migrant workers return home for the Spring Festival. They have worked hard for a year and accumulated a certain amount of wealth, which is easy to become the target of fraud. In the face of fraudsters’ endless means of fraud, it is particularly important to enhance the awareness of anti-fraud of the masses.In view of the above situation, the criminal investigation brigade chose to gather more staff seven flower square, Wenxin farmers market to carry out publicity.In the activity, the police issued leaflets and propaganda products to the masses in the past, simple, easy to understand to the masses to explain the fraud means and social harm commonly used cheats, and accept the masses to consult, answer the questions raised by the masses, remind the masses to improve the awareness of fraud, guide the masses to download and install the registered national anti-fraud APP.The publicity activity dispatched 12 auxiliary police, issued leaflets and publicity products more than 1000 copies, accepted more than 150 people consultation, on-site guidance of the masses to install a registered national anti-fraud APP more than 130 people, the public awareness of fraud and fraud cognitive ability has been further improved, by the masses of praise.