Fight again short program Zhu Yi put down the pressure Jin Boyang had helped her ease tension

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A week ago in the women’s single short program of the team championships, Zhu Yi fell in the opening of the triple axel, and then fell in the triple axel.She left the tunnel with tears in her eyes.A week later in the women’s singles short program, Zhu Yi finally smiled again.As Zhu yi’s second group took to the stage for their six-minute warm-up, she flashed a big smile for the camera, much to the relief of those watching her form.Zhu yi still looked nervous at the beginning of the show, but her eyes were more determined than during the team competition.Zhu Yi’s Triple axel failed to connect to the planned double jump due to lack of weeks, but she soon succeeded in the double axel after the triple axel.The program was flawed, but Zhu was happy to leave the ice.In training a few days before the short program, Zhu yi admitted that she had been having problems with her triple axel, so she had been a little worried about her race form.In the 6-minute warm-up of the second group, Zhu Yi did the same back-to-back jumps as Philip did on the outside ice. However, in the official competition, Zhu Yi failed to do the back-to-back jumps because the ice strength of the first jump was a little weak.Different from the situation of continuous mistakes in the team competition, Zhu Yi successfully completed the second half of the program this time.”After the jump [after Felipe’s three weeks] I let go a little bit and I smiled and told myself to slide down.”Compared to a week ago in the team competition, Zhu yi was more relaxed and committed to the match.”After the team match I was very unhappy with myself, very sad and a bit ashamed.”The mistake of the short program of the team competition and the ensuing public pressure did make Zhu Yi a little sad, but she gradually walked out of the shadow under the encouragement of coach Yao Bin, psychological teacher, team staff and family members.”They all supported me and reminded me that I am here to prove myself, to say ‘you have worked hard, just skate well’.”Apart from communicating with her coach and family, Zhu also blocks some news on the Internet and paints to help her relax, most often the sky.Mr. Zhu, who is still trying to improve his Chinese, said ‘sky’ instead of ‘sky,’ and laughed sheepishly when he was corrected by confused reporters.In the free skating stage of the team competition, Jin Boyang, who took the lead, used to fight for Zhu Yi through the air. He also mentioned that Zhu Yi worked very hard in training and could feel her pressure.In today’s competition, Jin Boyang also completed the individual event with Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu in the stand to cheer for Zhu Yi.Zhu yi’s adjustment after the team competition is also attributed to his teammates.”Kim Boyang would tease me. He was a funny boy, and he would tell me to relax. He could tell I was nervous.”Speaking of his teammates’ support, Zhu yi’s eyes are already smiling.”Chen yudong also sends me messages. Han Cong, Sui Wenjing and Peng Cheng, Jinyang are also very gentle and supportive.”Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: