General Administration of Sport of The People’s Republic of China: support public skating venues to open to the public for free or at low cost

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Beijing, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) — Officials from the General Administration of Sport of China, the National Bureau of Statistics and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports introduce how the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games have brought 300 million people to participate in snow and ice sports at a press conference held in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 17, 2022.Qiu Ru, head of the Mass Sports Department of the General Administration of Sport of China, introduced that under the promotion of the strategy of “expanding from the south to the West and advancing to the East” and the call of “attracting 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, mass events of ice and snow sports have been widely carried out. More and more people have fallen in love with ice and snow sports and stepped on ice and snow rinks to enjoy the fun of winter sports.First, the mass snow and ice sports events have been carried out vigorously and brand activities have been actively built.Winter 2016-2021, in Beijing, hebei, heilongjiang, xinjiang, etc “enjoy ice snow” activities, to meet the games are the masses of ice and snow activities for demonstrations, to promote extensive crowd around the side, and the people happy snow events, create characteristic such as “national mass of ice and snow season” brand activities, play a role of leading the demonstration.In the second year, ice and snow sports are blossoming all over the country.In accordance with the seasonal and local characteristics, a mass of snow and ice activities have been carried out in different places, with different emphasis on different kinds of snow and ice activities. A new pattern has been formed in which the southeast, the northwest and the northwest interact with each other at a distance, winter and summer have their own characteristics, and snow and ice blossom in full bloom.Through developing roller skating, curling land without being limited by the space of land ice and snow sports, widely established without being limited by the natural conditions of indoor skiing and ice skating rink, and through the power of science and technology, innovation, technology research and development, the use of artificial snow and ice facilities and the promotion, let the ice and snow resources weak regions such as southern people can enjoy ice and snow sports fun.Third, it is diversified in form and content, with more diverse participants and wider coverage.”Ice and Snow Carnival”, “Ice and Snow Games” and other mass ice and snow events cover ice and snow competitions, exhibitions, experiences, training, essay writing, photography, painting and other activities. All kinds of activities run throughout the year, realizing full services for people, full coverage of regions and national linkage.In particular, as the Winter Olympics approach, more and more people are paying attention to and participating in ice and snow sports. Mass events themed on the Winter Olympics have been widely held around the country. Since the end of last year, nearly 3,000 mass events related to the Winter Olympics have been held online and offline, with more than 100 million participants.In addition, in order to meet the people’s demand for fitness during the Spring Festival and create a strong atmosphere for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, under the condition that epidemic prevention and control is on a regular basis, the General Administration of the General Population Department will host the 2022 Spring Festival Online fitness gala.In recent years, the General Administration of Sport has mainly carried out the following work to promote the increase of mass ice and snow sports venues: first, it has organized and carried out the pilot construction of mass skating rink.The central public welfare Lottery fund will be used to guide and support local governments in exploring ways to build and operate skating venues in light of local conditions, and encourage them to increase the number of venues for ice and snow sports.The newly rebuilt indoor ice rink and snow rink promote the ice and snow sports to “extend to the four seasons” and become a new fashion in public life.Statistics show that by the beginning of 2021, there were 654 standard ice rinks in China, an increase of 317% compared with 2015.There are 803 indoor and outdoor ski resorts, up 41% from 2015.Second, use central funds to support eligible public skating venues to be open to the public free of charge or at low charges.Third, it organizes research and development of national standards for simulation and mobile real ice rink, leads the research and development and production of ice rink with standards and specifications, and promotes the construction of skating venues for the masses.Among them, the national standard of simulated ice rink has been released, and the national standard of mobile real ice rink will be released around the end of 2022.After the Winter Olympic Games, the General Administration of Sport will continue to guide and support local governments to expand the number of snow and ice sports venues and improve their service level to better meet the public’s demand for snow and ice sports.Source: CCTV News