Greenhouse tomato flowering early, artificial pollination points

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Artificial pollination: smear pollination method ① Artificial pollination in the early flowering of tomatoes, artificial pollination.For the selection of drugs, gibberellin, 2,4-D and tetrafluorin are generally used.The main problems addressed by these three commonly used drugs are low fruit setting and pollination.Generally choose 2, 4-D, concentration in 10-20 mg/kg, smear on the stamen.This 2, 4-D should be a contraindication, do not spray, because this agent will affect the growth of the plant leaves, will cause leaf deformity, this point must be remembered.Artificial pollination: spraying pollination ② artificial pollination of spraying pollination artificial pollination, can also choose tomato spirit.It is completely different from 2, 4-D and can be sprayed.Compared to the operation of a lot of convenience, especially the efficiency of labor saving.When inflorescence is in commonly, can use, concentration chooses 20-50 milligric/kilogram can.After flowering certainly additionally, gibberellin undertakes spray flower in the choice.For the concentration of gibberellin generally choose 10-40 mg/kg can, but also increase the fruit setting rate of tomatoes.