Linqing, Shandong: Morchella “supports” the dream of rural revitalization

2022-05-16 0 By

Into the greenhouse, fungus fragrance overflow, a brown “small umbrella” compete to break out of the ground, with shyness to explore a small head, very attractive.The farmer who is busy in the shed also shows the joy of harvest on his face.To achieve rural revitalization and industrial prosperity is the key.In recent years, Weiwan Town of Linqing, Shandong province has adhered to the party construction to lead industrial development, optimized agricultural planting structure according to local conditions, guided local people to develop characteristic industries relying on resource advantages, and the happy harvest of morchrels has brought new hope for the realization of agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income.”In 2021, in order to revitalize the idle greenhouse, develop the characteristic planting economy, improve the income of the ‘high-end ecological picking garden’ and increase the collective income, we decided to outsource it.”Dongwei grid branch secretary Bai Jingxue said.”What industries can we develop to enrich the people’s money?”Chen Mao-xiu, member of the Linqing CPPCC of Wei Wan Town, has a dream that leads villagers to get rich all the time. He learned that morels planting industry has development prospects very much by chance, and conceived planting ideas, and took this idea into the East Wei grid Party branch.Through the field investigation, multi – argumentative, the final introduction of morchella planting industry.The party members and cadres in the village accompanied Chen Maoxiu to introduce cultivation technology, find sales, and process products, to protect the development of the new industry.At present, the unit price of dried morels is more than 1000 yuan, and the products are exported to Fujian and other places.At the same time, the morels greenhouse actively launched the participation of local farmers, attracting a number of idle local labor to achieve “doorstep” employment.”As a CPPCC member, I have the obligation to serve the people.I want to expand the planting area in an orderly manner, and drive more people around the village to participate in planting and employment, so as to increase income and get rich.”Chen maoxiu said.”Fully mining the advantages of local land resources, the development of good quality industry, weiwan Town is to further solve the masses of doorstep employment, leading the masses to get rich important channels.””In the next step, Weiwan will further revitalize land resources, develop characteristic industries, and build a ‘big Meiweiwan’ where people can live and work in peace and contentment,” said Wei Wei, party secretary of Weiwan.(Bai Mei, Xinhua)