The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University: “Four and one” as an excellent response to the epidemic

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University has assumed the mission of the “national team” of medical treatment, focusing on epidemic prevention and control and patient treatment, fighting bravely on the battlefield of “two lines and four hospitals”.In particular, since December 23, 509 people have been sent to take over xi ‘an Chest Hospital as a whole, to shoulder the heaviest responsibility with the strongest strength at the critical moment of fighting COVID-19, and to write an excellent answer with strength.On the eve of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, the medical team stayed at the front line to accompany patients in the hospital to celebrate the Spring Festival and protect their well-being.More than 1,000 of the 1,018 patients treated by the medical team have been cured and discharged, winning a decisive victory against the epidemic.Behind the “four ones” is the strength of the “four core” the first “first” group gathering: epidemic is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility!”My post is where the danger is nearest.”On December 23, the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiaotong University took the lead in sending a critical care team to support chest hospitals in the province.The 63 team members were assembled in less than 24 hours. More than half of them had experience in supporting Wuhan and the hospital in fighting against the epidemic, and were skilled in carrying out severe treatment such as ECMO and CRRT.Professor Liu Chang, vice president of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiaotong University and hepatobiliary Surgery department, took charge of the medical team.On the evening of 23rd, the medical team entered the ward and took over the work at the first time, demonstrating the speed of the First affiliated Hospital of Jiaotong University.Professor Shi Qindong, Professor Liu Yu and other experts from the department of intensive care medicine have been working almost non-stop from the last battlefield to Xi ‘an Chest Hospital.Only “one” overall takeover:In xi ‘an on December 30, the epidemic situation the most be a strain, the most critical period, the jiaotong university YiFuYuan again as sharp, sent 426 medical company, personally led by party secretary ma singh if necessary COVID – 19 focus point xi chest hospital, this is jiaotong university YiFuYuan built courtyard sent one of the largest since the 65 anniversary of the medical team.According to the concept of “centralized patients, centralized space, centralized experts, centralized equipment”, the 426 staff covers medical, nursing, laboratory, imaging, assurance and nucleic acid testing teams, making it easier to conduct multidisciplinary integrated treatment (MDT) consultation.It took only 22 hours for the 426 men to assemble and march.It only took less than 10 hours from arriving at the chest hospital to getting acquainted with the environment to receiving patients in the ward.Behind the seemingly impossible task, thanks to xi ‘an jiaotong university YiFuYuan xian thoracic hospital joint efficient command headquarters, the headquarters for the first time he set up the medical operations, management, coordination, comprehensive security group, unfairness, clarify the responsibilities of the various medical and health unit division of labor, to ensure that the responsibility to the people and efficient operations.At the same time, through joint meetings, on-site office and other ways to promptly solve the problems found.In practice, the working mechanism is constantly improved, and the synergistic effect is brought into play, so that the idea of homogeneous management runs through every medical team and every ward.Xi ‘an Chest Hospital, as a platform hospital, has made every effort to provide medical support for all medical teams. Medical teams from many hospitals in The province have fought side by side and forged strong friendship in the fight against the epidemic.Number of patients: Xi ‘an Chest Hospital has treated a total of 1018 patients since it was designated as a designated hospital, accounting for nearly half of the total number of patients in the province.The medical team treats every patient with a highly responsible attitude, especially to protect the medical needs of special patient groups, and interprets the noble spirit of “respect for life, heal the wounded and rescue the dying, be willing to contribute, love boundless” with practical actions.According to the work needs, an additional team of Director Shi Qindong of the department of Critical Care medicine was dispatched to ensure the treatment of severe patients and realize the zero elimination of severe cases.Neonatologists and nurses were dispatched from the hospital headquarters to strengthen specialized diagnosis and treatment. Under the care of the medical staff, the youngest infant in the province who had been hospitalized for only four days recovered and was discharged from hospital.The seven COVID-19 units treated elderly patients. The medical staff provided individualized care and psychological support based on the actual situation of patients, and cured 109 people over the age of 60, including 8 people in their 80s.More than 100 patients have been cured and discharged from hospitals.Finally, “one” evacuation: Approaching the Spring Festival, but the patient treatment work is still not over, the medical team issued a temporary party general mobilization order of “caution as always, adhere to the final victory”, took the initiative to undertake other medical teams under the jurisdiction of patients in the hospital, let his comrades go home for the New Year.The medical team merged some wards, and Professor Fan Lin and Professor He Yingli shoulded the heavy task of perseverance.On the New Year’s Eve, there were still some patients receiving treatment in the hospital. As senior experts in the medical team, Professor Shi Zhihong and Professor Shi Qindong bravely took on the heavy burden and turned the desire to go home into a commitment to their career, standing on the last shift.They said that although they could not go home to spend the Spring Festival with their families, as doctors, it was more gratifying to see the patients safely discharged and returned to their families. It was more important to make the whole city and even the whole province enjoy a peaceful and happy Spring Festival through their own efforts.Secretary Massinger repeatedly stressed that the closer we get to victory, the more we should stay true to our original aspiration, overcome all difficulties and never speak of success until we have won a complete victory, and resolutely carry this “war against the epidemic” to the end.In the face of the severe test of the epidemic and the difficulties brought by the severe test, the medical team called an excellent answer sheet with resounding answers.How to deal with the sudden outbreak?The medical team proved with practical actions what the “fixing star” was.The so-called “Ding Pan Xing” means that we always adhere to the principle of “people first, life first” and firmly grasp the principle of “taking root in the West, serving the country, and being world-class”. It means that “when the country has needs, the people have needs, and we have actions”.The medical team set up a temporary party organization at the front, calling on all members to make every effort to ensure treatment, scientific protection, strict management, continuous operation and meticulous and excellent service.He urged the party to always put life first, adhere to scientific prevention and control, adhere to the zero-tolerance attitude in hospital infection prevention and control, adhere to strict discipline requirements, take the lead in everywhere, adhere to unity, adhere to the overall situation, let the Party flag flying high in the front line of the fight against the epidemic, waving beside every patient.Face onerous arduous treatment task how to do?The medical team answered with strength what is the “ballast stone”.The so-called “ballast stone” is technology, organization, team and guarantee.Faced with the urgent task of taking over the whole team, the medical team demonstrated the strength and responsibility of the national team with the core.The medical team adopts the treatment plan of “one person, one policy” and the combination of Traditional Chinese and western medicine in the mode of classified treatment and multidisciplinary consultation.In terms of treatment methods, according to the severity of the disease, different groups of zoning Settings, 24 hours a day non-stop tracking and diagnosis of the disease, while paying attention to psychological counseling and humanistic care, effectively promote the smooth recovery of patients.Medical work smoothly without strong management, under the horse singh commands from a secretary’s management team going, according to the rapid organic combination with chest hospital team, set up over 90 pages of system assembly, from the organizational structure, process specification, personnel management, and other aspects has carried on the specification, with the most strict management guarantee medical quality.How to face the difficulties and setbacks in task execution?The medical team answered with wisdom and courage what is “propeller”.Visible is the achievement, invisible is the spirit.The so-called “propeller” is the sense of mission and responsibility of the construction of the National Medical Center, the “spirit of moving to the west”, “Spirit of Yan ‘an”, “spirit of building the Party”, “spirit of moving to Shaanxi during the Anti-Japanese War” and “Spirit of Yin Peipu” that are integrated into the blood of the first Affiliated Hospital. It is the spirit of keeping in mind the original aspiration of doctors and moving forward bravely.Medical team in cooperative engagement with multiple team showing YiFuYuan ecru, highlights a branch is a fortress, a party member is a flag, also highlights the YiFuYuan of glorious image, highlights the national image quality, reveals the YiFuYuan people mind the overall situation of social responsibility, also will inject new momentum for the hospital culture construction.In the year of the Tiger, there are steps and power. In the face of any difficulties and challenges, the people of the First Affiliated University will climb down the mountain like tigers, overcome all difficulties and forge ahead.Editor: Yuanyuan