The “crying” resident party secretary, found

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Recently a telephone recording fire a nurse was urgently called by the hospital and the dialogue between the community secretary let countless people listen to the broken defense……”I know that. I can’t talk about it. If I talk about it again, I’ll cry.””But I am not in charge. Now, if you promise to return to your post, I will let you go.””You can go out and come back, but you can’t go anywhere else. You can go out purely for work.””Oh, I don’t care, since you are a medical worker, in order to go to the front you go.”Late on the night of The 5th, the reporter found liu Miao, the secretary of the Party general Branch in the residential area, crying in the recording in the Hong Kong Liyuan community on Tongzhou Road in Hongkou District of Shanghai. She had just taken off her protective clothing and sent off the epidemic prevention personnel. The wechat in her mobile phone was still ringing, saying, “In a short time, someone will send antigen reagents to…”Across the fence of the gate of the district, while taking advantage of the gap between the call, the reporter and he chatted.Reporter: When did you know this recording was a hit?Liu Miao: It happened on the morning of April 4th. All day long, the whole city of Shanghai was conducting nucleic acid screening, and our community was also doing testing. I didn’t have a chance to check wechat until that evening.Reporter: What was it like on the tape?Liu Miao: The nurse is a resident of our community. The building she lives in is under lockdown. She has communicated with me several times before, but she called me that day.To be honest, she’s a nurse, and we must be rooting for the hospital to call her back.But I’m responsible for our neighborhood, so I want to make sure.Reporter: say say how can drop tears?Liu Miao: I did feel a little pressure at that time. I understand how to do the work of residents, but the epidemic prevention technology is not my specialty, and our community was doing nucleic acid, I was there, wearing the clothes of baymax, answered the phone and put on speakerphone, I couldn’t hear clearly, so I was a little worried.I asked her who asked her to go back, if she knew the situation in our neighborhood, if there is such a condition.She said it was their head nurse, so I said, they’re in charge of professional matters, and I can let them go.Reporter: Did you let her out?Liu Miao: I thought about it for a moment and suggested that she do nucleic acid screening before going out, because I guess when she returned to the hospital, she must also need to produce a 48-hour nucleic acid report.And then she sent me the letter of commitment and all the relevant documents, and then we can let her out.Reporter: is this situation much in the sealing period?Liu Miao: I looked at our registration again today. There are more than 30 such cases in our community, all of which have written the letter of commitment and registered the information. So far, no one who has been released from my hands is wrongly released.No matter who they are, they really need to go out, or they are seriously ill, including a pregnant woman in our community. On the first day of lockdown, there were signs of premature labor. We knew about them and released them in time.Liu Miao, a demobilized soldier, joined the army in 1995 and was discharged in 2012. He had been in the army for 16 years, and was in the Eighth Company on Nanjing Road in Shanghai.Speaking of his military experience, Liu miao said, “I was in Nanjing Road at that time. We always serve the people, and I also like to meet people.”Therefore, after transferring to a state-owned enterprise to work for a period of time, Liu Miao had the opportunity to work in the community. In October 2019, he came to the community and began to work as an assistant to the secretary. In the summer of 2021, he became the secretary of the Neighborhood Committee of The Li Yuan District in Hong Kong.But really in the position to people face to face, I love working with people Liu Miao or some worry, “are men in the army, better relationship processing, in residential areas, there are centenarians, a newborn baby, to help regulate family conflicts, stairs neighborhood relationship, such as air conditioning dripping small conflict…”However, Liu considers herself an optimist, “so my tears are relatively low…””There are 1,383 households in our community, and the number of residents is basically stable at 3,650,” Liu miao said. “There are not enough people in the neighborhood committee, and they all live in the neighborhood committee. When we are here, people feel comfortable and do not panic at all.”In addition, liu Miao was particularly touched by the fact that more than 160 residents of the community raised their hands to help, many of whom were Communist Party members. “Before, everyone was busy working, but this time they came to report for duty and sent us supplies and condolences for fear that we did not have enough to eat.”See some talk about community work online recently, Liu Miao said, “I believe that a lot of people are not purely to complain, is thinking about how to keep their homes, more quickly to solve outbreak, such as our community residents, through this period of time, slowly to adapt to the accepted, from the very beginning, front cover building everybody panic, up to now the entire traffic control;From poking nucleic acid in the nose, to rejection of antigen testing, to now fully cooperate with these tests, I have completely adapted to this virus, there is no longer that kind of panic.”The intermittent 20-minute conversation was finally interrupted by a phone call from the driver who came to deliver epidemic prevention materials and bid farewell to us in a hurry. Liu Miao took the security guard of the community and went there at 11:40 at this time…[Editor: Yao Qiong][Source:]