The reason why SAIC Volkswagen is favored by young users has been found

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For SAIC Volkswagen, 2021 is a year of both opportunities and challenges.Affected by the epidemic, orders from dealers could not be translated into actual sales, and the inefficiency of upstream suppliers made the sales data of SAIC Volkswagen a little flat.But at the same time, 2021 is also a big year for the electrification, intelligent and technological development of new cars. Saic Volkswagen’s decisive transformation has made a proud achievement in the layout of electrification.In 2021, empowered by MEB modular platform, SAIC Volkswagen will launch three ID series models in succession, namely ID.4X and ID.6X, as well as ID.3, the only compact pure electric vehicle of Volkswagen brand in The Chinese market.These three models quickly set up the product matrix of ID series and cater to different consumer groups.After the launch of the three new models, the end of the market is heating up. Among them, the monthly sales of ID family exceeded 7000 in October and November, and 8000 in December, and the annual sales reached 38,000.This is an absolute first-tier performance among pure electric vehicles of joint venture brands.At the same time, the new marketing model established by SAIC Volkswagen for young consumers is also gradually showing its edge, including the new retail model, user-focused operation, cross-border marketing and so on.When electrified layout will soon become the focus of SAIC Volkswagen’s development, a new and different SAIC Volkswagen brand will soon appear in the eyes of consumers.In order to let more consumers have the opportunity to access to ID series models, SAIC Volkswagen created a new energy city exhibition hall ID. Store X.It is not only an important place for SAIC Volkswagen to display its young and fashionable image, but also a link to communicate with users.Compared with traditional dealers, the price of the new retail model is more transparent, which saves users the trouble of repeatedly comparing prices and is more in line with the consumption habits of modern young people.At present, there are more than 50 ID. Store X new energy city showrooms nationwide, which greatly improves the recognition of SAIC Volkswagen ID series models among consumers.In the ID. Store X exhibition hall, SAIC Volkswagen also adopts the design concept of humanization, scenization, digitalization and technologization. In the exhibition hall, saic Volkswagen not only creates a personalized exhibition area with scenization for consumers, but also introduces the industry-leading digital technology to present more intuitive car purchasing information for consumers.The new agency marketing model adopted by SAIC Volkswagen can make agents more focused on bringing better service experience to users.At present, the number of AGENTS of ID series has reached 757, basically realizing the comprehensive coverage of the first, second and third tier cities.In the future, the new e-commerce model will be extended to all the automobile brands of SAIC-VOLKSWAGEN, including SAIC-Audi and SAIC-VOLKSWAGEN Skoda.In 2021, THE new car lineup of SAIC Volkswagen is not only very rich, but also gives people a bright feeling in terms of product marketing strategy.For example, in order to make a crossover with the young people’s favorite quadratic element, SAIC Volkswagen makes the ID series cooperate with the popular characters of Pokemon, which overturns the intrinsic image of the traditional joint venture brand.In order to show the style of national fashion, SAIC Volkswagen also cooperated with Shanghai Art film Studio to promote ID.4X together with Qi Tian Da Sheng;To curry favor with young people who like to play mobile games, SAIC Volkswagen also sponsored the Official King of Glory KPL professional league, and made a “dream connection” between popular character kai and tukai, a small SUV.In terms of communication with users, SAIC Volkswagen is constantly narrowing the distance with consumers.It not only brings more benefits for users in car purchase, but also creates a younger consumption experience for users.Now, saic Volkswagen’s post-90s users account for more than 30 percent, ahead of the industry average.A series of performances have proved that SAIC Volkswagen is ready to reach new heights with young users.​​​​