Too accident!Dong Lao Han, who fathered eight children by a mentally ill woman, is the “endorsement” of advertisements everywhere

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Original and source: Gualga.Reprint only exchange, without contact, such as infringement of faith that deletion.You don’t know when you’re famous or for what.Before a horizontal network, dong Mou – min old man you know?If you don’t know, he is the man who has been described as having the “strongest psychology”.If you don’t already know, he is the father of eight children, the man who claimed to have been despised at the age of 34 and then turned around in Dongji Village, Huankou Town, Fengxian County, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province.Dong was single until the age of 34, after which his life turned around.This year, out of nowhere, his father got him a woman.The woman was pretty, but a little silly, mentally weak, and she didn’t have a source, but she had no problem having a baby based on her physique.If only I could have a baby!Although the woman has no ID card, no household register, but dong Fu has a way, the local marriage registration authority inexplicably to them for marriage registration, the two became legal husband and wife.The woman did not have a name, dong old man named the woman Yang Xia.Yang lived up to expectations and had eight children in a row.The woman was said to be so mentally ill that her family chained her up to prevent her from hitting everyone she saw.A local blogger, Douyin, who calls himself “Spreading positive energy”, spread the story, causing a stir on the Internet. The local government responded by calling for those responsible to be held accountable and investigating Dong.You can investigate if you want.Dong didn’t care.Since the 8 children thing was revealed, he became famous, but also the reputation of fengxian this place thoroughly driven up.In the past, which one knows there is a fengxian, now the net all say Fengxian, this is not celebrity effect.Dong became a celebrity and lived a much happier life.A celebrity should have the temperament of a celebrity. Recently, he changed the appearance of being lost in the past, threw away his shabby clothes and put on a new zipper coat. His little face was painted pink and white, and he wore a pair of small glasses, as gentle as an old professor.He knew he did not only represent themselves, but also on behalf of fengxian people’s spiritual outlook, he must not let the reporters to interview disappointed, must not let the town of Happy old folks disappointed, must not let fengxian five team disappointed, more can not let the people of the country disappointed.This is not, feng County a wedding company to borrow his image also made a period of publicity.It is said that they were the first to report the news of their eight children to the public, and then to the attention of many people.Ask him to pat advertisement return more than one, still have decorate a company of what, still can have in the future, the first time on the history of fengxian county gave such a big character, how can let go him?”I am the father of eight children,” must be the first sentence, and then say what is good, the AD is finished.It tells people who I am and what I endorse is good.I’m a celebrity. You should believe me.Now, netizens doubt that the official investigation has not been clear, Dong’s behavior is rape?What happens to the people who register their marriages?What is the act of putting a patient in chains?At present, Dong Lao Han deeply feel that he is a successful man, by a mentally ill woman gave birth to 8 children, but also everywhere endorsement, this is good!The company that looks for him to do advertisement also feel to encounter business opportunity, although a little appear to be right and wrong unclear, honor and disgrace do not argue, but after all let the company visibility increase, still care what people say the company is like a fly driven by the smell of living, make money on the line.What do you say?Welcome friends to leave a message to discuss, forward attention!