Why can’t the Stork give people a bolstering tail coat?

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Hello, everyone. Today’s episode will talk about the add-on of Naruto — the tail beast coat.Tail beast coat must be very familiar to friends, when ordinary ninjas become tail beast’s human column force, can use the power of tail beast, the use of tail beast power is divided into partial use and tail beast.This part uses the power of the tail beast, which is the tail beast coat. It can also use the unique attributes of the tail beast, such as the lava of Sun Wukong.And the cat flame of the journey;Coral and so on, although the power of the tail can be used, but the real power is the tail coat.The tail coat is essentially a tail Chakra leak, which forms a red energy body with tail characteristics on the surface of the human pillar body.Under the tail animal coat, the human pillar force quickly becomes stronger, and it can also heal the wound automatically. It is exactly the same as the small pillar!In this state, the human force can also use chakra arm to extend the attack range, resist external attacks and so on, true powerful!There is also an advanced state of the tail coat, that is, the human force is still the chakra coat wrapped, but the strength of the tail coat is very different from the pure tail coat!Half tail also means that the column and a man went into hysterics, can use so destructive tail beast jade, half tail of defense is no solution, the more generally tail number column and a man of half tail grew stronger, tail eight and nine tails can even use hard tail animal bones, which is odd rabbi offerings and body attached general bones as armor,Half tail beast speed is very fast damage is very large!But must be with the tail beast has the same mind, those who do not have the same mind with the tail beast can suffer!The human force in this state burns the skin, and the blood-red half tail of the beast makes the human force painful!Despite the shortcomings of the tail coat, but compared to these small problems the tail coat brings the increase is particularly sweet!See here careful small partner found, ah why did not see a tail of the people column force tail animal coat?Yes, everyone else has a buff to the tail coat, but one is special. Is it because the stork keeper is too bad to deserve it?Of course, although shoucrane has a small number of tails, it has strong defense ability and can perform ninjutsu. It may not be that other tail animals are stronger than shoucrane. Therefore, the author thinks that the reasons for shoucrane not having tail animal coat are as follows: 1.It is well known that the early setting is not perfect. Naruto was serialized for more than ten years, and it was only after constantly eating the early setting to supplement the subsequent setting that the complete naruto was created.The early inappropriate Settings have been removed, such as kakashi’s ability to only use the thousandbird four times a day;Release ninjutsu requires seals and so on…Keep out the earliest appearance, early may no one column tail coat by the set of force, the most is unable to restrain the body produces tail beast outbreak, so you can see the full moon night gaara outbreak killed orochimaru bit player, in my ROM. Pedestrians face chase after exposure, gaara once released keep crane chakra, namely sand covering the body, into a state of madness,Like a little stork keeper.This is similar to the principle of the tail animal coat, only a little simple!It is because of the early appearance of the set is not perfect to lead to a tail of human column force without tail animal coat, this is the most authoritative explanation!2. Keep out of the second chakra too little is not enough to support the tail beast coat is keep out questions, the amount of chakra tail animal tail number represents how much the amount of chakra, keep only one crane tail, so the amount of chakra, at least the tail beast coat essence is column force accept end his chakra leak after growth, the tail itself chakra is negligible,Where does it have the extra chakra to supply the human force?Therefore, the principle of saving a little is nothing will not provide buffs for human column force.3. Late playing less, the lack of a tail column and a man, it is not necessary to late in addition to eight tail and other tail beast seldom-used nine tails, basic is the time to recall and endure war appeared, manipulation in the zone tail beast of a tail doesn’t even come out, but is different with the other end, the other end animal can refuse metempsychosis dead column, I love still alive and well,We can’t let the old monk fight, can we?The problem is even the old monk can’t beat it!Since the guardian crane is in a state of freedom, there is no need to draw a tail animal coat. There is no need for Kishimoto to bother to draw a tail animal coat. That is why we have no human tail animal coat!Okay, guys, what do you think about why a human column is less complete than a tail coat?Leave a comment in the comments section!