Yuan Quan is good for wearing a shirt, elite sense from the inside out, tall and straight figure shows the inner sense of bullying

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When it comes to fashionable items with charisma, girls will think of shirts with similar lines of suits and suits, which can achieve the same effect. However, the shirt is an inner garment after all, so the shirt is often used as the folded collocation of clothes.In spring and summer, the shirt can also be used as a coat match, as the style of the shirt is often relaxed and casual, its formal sense will be effectively weakened.Yuan Quan’s shirt collocation puts the style of the shirt out of the temperament of a strong woman, elegant and atmospheric.Yuan Quan’s shirt collocation gives us a new collocation idea.Let’s analyze yuan Quan’s shirt collocation in depth.For the shirt, the style and elements of the shirt are relatively single.If you want to wear the shirt in a diversified style and want to retain the high-level sense of the shirt, the girls must pay attention to the details of the shirt when wearing it. First of all, we can design the fabric of the shirt.Any material other than cotton will improve the line of the shirt.For a delicate and elegant look, fabrics with high verticality can express this style.Middle-aged yuan Quan temperament is enough, wearing elegant atmosphere shirt, successful elite aura.Among the fabrics with high verticality, we can choose the fabric made of satin. Compared with chiffon or silk fabric, the luster of satin material is more bright, and also more luxurious and magnificent.Because the fabric itself has a sense of luster, so in the selection of color, we should also choose dark color for collocation, because dark color can suppress the luster of the clothing, so that the expression of luster will not be too cheap.Because of the characteristics of the fabric, the line sense of the overall shirt will be too soft, and the use of satin fabric to create a luxurious visual effect.Splicing shirt for shirt, in fact, once the use of splicing design, the style of the overall shirt is more inclined to fashion temperament.For the shirt of satin fabric, it is impossible to undertake the style of stitching, because no matter what kind of elements and design are integrated, it will destroy the style of satin material.So when we choose to splicing satin shirt, we must pay attention to the details of the collocation, in the splicing we can use different shades of color splicing at the cuff and hem.In addition to color stitching, we can also use similar fabric stitching to match the cuffs and the hem.Yuan Quan is good for wearing a shirt, elite sense from the inside out, tall and straight figure shows the inner sense of bullying.In the fabric, want to luxurious and atmospheric style, velvet fabric and satin fabric is very similar.Although the two fabrics are very similar, velvet material cannot be combined in a large area. We mostly use the outline design of clothes to create a diversified sense of layers by using the outline design of different fabrics.In color, black style with satin material is too inclined to temperament and neutral style, want to highlight delicate and luxurious temperament, ink blue background is better to show the style.Satin shirt overall folding collocation for shirt pants collocation, because to ensure the high-level sense of clothing, so we can use the design and elements are very subtle, if we can not have too much design in the shirt style, then we can use other fashion items for collocation.For example, in the collocation of trousers or shoes, we use matte finish and bright finish to splice the trousers, so as to not only show luxury and luxuriant in low-key and restrained, but also modify the lines of our legs with the gloss of deep and light fabrics.The stitching style of trousers is to be used in the shirt stitching style, so that in the collocation is to play a link between the preceding and the following.Shirt neckline selection for the traditional shirt neckline, is divided into square neckline or inverted triangle neckline and so on, these two necklines are most commonly used in collocation, because the square neckline and triangle neckline are with formal style, will be more powerful.If we have improved the line of the shirt in some special designs, then our neckline can also be changed with the overall style.If the style of the shirt is luxurious and elegant, then we should choose a high collar or collarless neckline can be performed.If we want to make the shirt wear an intellectual and elegant temperament, first of all, we need to improve the line sense of the shirt and improve the material of the dress, but also add the style of ribbon. After adding ribbon design to a dress, the overall intellectual and mature style will be instantly improved.Because of the ribbon design, our neckline design must be collarless style, if there is a neckline and then add the ribbon design, it will have a cumbersome style.In terms of ribbon style, we should choose according to the style of the shirt. If it is pure silk or chiffon fabric, the style of the ribbon must be consistent with the style of the shirt.Only in this way can we ensure the high quality of the dress.If the shirt is to be used as the collocation of the coat, it is more inclined to the casual and fashionable style. As the collocation of the coat, we need the white T-shirt as the base, so that the style expressed is more inclined to the temperament style.As for the style of shirt and coat, we choose the messy open design, and the design of rolling up the cuff. The trousers of the lower body are matched with the jeans of light blue color, which gives the overall image of refreshing and clean. For middle-aged women, this kind of collocation will be more leisure and age-reducing, as well as the advanced wearing skills of refreshing collocation.For the shirt collocation train of thought this article fully for everyone to share, to you the United States eyebrow people have more shirt collocation train of thought.