2022/2/25(1596) Chibi Prosecution: Remote “space” interrogation smart prosecution handling cases

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“We are prosecutors from the Chibi People’s Procuratorate. Today we are interrogating you through remote video in accordance with the law. Please answer our questions truthfully.”Different from previous interrogations, this interrogation took place in the remote interrogation room of the Chibi People’s Procuratorate, where only procuratorial officers were present. The suspects being interrogated did not show their “real bodies”, but appeared on the big screen facing the procuratorial staff.At the moment, the suspect in custody of the interrogation room, “empty” to accept the prosecutor’s interrogation.Prosecutors interrogated suspects through high-definition cameras in accordance with the law, interrogated and verified the facts and evidence of the case one by one, and recorded them simultaneously. Investigators and suspects completed interrogation and notification and other legal procedures in a state of “zero contact”.Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.The hospital has actively met the challenges brought by the epidemic and turned the crisis into an opportunity to improve its working methods.The hospital resolutely implemented the concept of using science and technology to handle cases. Through the “procuratorial and science” model, it ensured that cases were handled in accordance with the law, and avoided the risk of epidemic caused by personnel flow and aggregation. It also realized the principle of “letting data run errands and policemen run away less”, which saved time and improved efficiency in case handling.There is no end to the epidemic.In the next step, the HOSPITAL will continue to strengthen information construction, continuously promote the construction of intelligent inspection, effectively ensure that the procuratorial case handling work during the epidemic period, to ensure that epidemic prevention and control and case handling “both grasp and do not make mistakes”.