Appreciation of CAI Shizhen’s calligraphy and painting works

2022-05-17 0 By

CAI Shizhen, the word han Stone, zhai number save true hall.Born in 1948, people in the city county in hebei province, presently for Beijing jinghua pavilion, vice President of the academy, xuan shengshi international academy, member of Chinese calligrapher’s association, member of Chinese old painting and calligraphy research association, member of Chinese news press calligrapher’s association, member of Chinese painting and calligraphy herald signing artists, member of Beijing huaxia Chinese art academy, member of dongpo academy,Xingtai city calligraphy and painting old research association founder, county shuxie consultant, Chinese literature association vice president.By family education and influence, love calligraphy since childhood.He was famous in the village when he was a student.In the past 20 years, the first hobby is painting and calligraphy.Participated in the national provinces and counties painting and calligraphy exhibition countless times, and won the national honor of more than 30 times (gold and silver award, first, second prize).O6 years, O8 years, respectively, and calligraphy renyou also published “four body Tang poems one hundred” and “four body thousand character: hundred family name” calligraphy series.