Han Xin shouted “three characters” before he died, but now he has become a popular phrase among young people at drinking tables

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Once upon a time, Han Xin, a general, was invincible in the world. His achievements were not seen in the world any more.Han Xin is a famous general in the history of Our country. He promoted the development of history by his own power. It can be said that without him, there would be no Xiang Yu’s Wujiang suicide and no Liu Bang’s Western Han Dynasty.Now, although Han Xin has been dead for many years, his legendary story is still attracting people’s attention.In changle Palace, before Han Xin was killed by Lu Zhi, he said three words unwillingly, and these three words have become the catchphrase of modern young people at the wine table, which is really interesting.Today, let’s talk about the story.Han Xin is the most story-telling man in Chinese history. His early development can be divided into three stages, and each stage has a different bitter story.In the earliest days, Han Xin was a down-and-out man, and there is no record of his birth in history.All I know is that he appears as a frustrated man, even a butcher bullied him, and even let Han Xin slip through his crotch.With no choice but to endure the humiliation, Han Xin went through his crotch, which is known in history as the crotch insult.At the same time, han Xin at that time was also very down and out, every day naked, hungry, basic rely on other people’s relief to live, often eat the last meal not next……Chen Sheng and Wu Guang rose up, and heroes all over the world responded in succession. Xiangliang was one of them.Under such circumstances, Han Xin joined the army and was one of Xiang Liang’s men.Xiang Liang was killed by Zhang Han, and his nephew Xiang Yu took over his army. Han Xin succeeded xiang Yu.In the beginning, Han was very respectful to Xiang Yu, but a desperate battle made Han a “little fan” of xiang Yu.Unfortunately, Xiang Yu was too proud. Even though he knew han Xin’s talent, he just let him be a bailor, which was the second stage of Han Xin.Han Xin ran away and took refuge with Liu Bang, who was far away in Bashu.At first, Xiahou Ying found Han Xin uncommon and mentioned him to Xiao He, so Xiao He noticed Han Xin.Later in their contact, Xiao he thought Han Xin had great talent and recommended him to Liu Bang.Unfortunately, Liu Bang did not reappoint han Xin, so he left.After learning this matter, Xiao He gallops after Han Xin, this is the history of the famous Xiao he month after Han Xin.After recovery, Xiao he strongly recommended Han Xin, from which the latter became the Han Army general began a legendary military career.At first, he helped Liu Bang to conquer Bashu and chase the deer into the Central Plains. During this period, he also expanded liu Bang’s territory in the Area of Qi. Four years later, Gaixia song and House of Flying Dags defeated Xiang Yu.It can be said that Liu Bang was able to establish the Western Han Dynasty, and Han Xin took great credit for it.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Liu Bang said: “Even the army of a million, the battle will be won, the attack will be won, I am not as good as Han xin……”Han Xin’s sad ending as the saying goes: “birds do good bow hidden, the enemy destroyed the hero……”Since Liu Bang seized The military power of Han Xin in disguised form twice, it can be seen that he was very afraid of Han Xin’s talent and ability, and would kill him sooner or later.Sure enough, the opportunity soon came. During his tenure as king of Chu, Xiang Yu’s former subordinate Zhong Limei took refuge with him.-mo), han Xin was terrified, and although he listened to Liu Bang and murdered Zhong Li, Emperor Liu never spared him.Liu Bang first removed han Xin from the title of “King of Chu”, then put him under house arrest in Chang ‘an city, supervision is also very strong.At this critical juncture, Han Xin’s former subordinate, Chen Xi, rebelled, and Liu Bang had to go to Qidi to put down the rebellion.At that time, he invited Han Xin to go with him, but Han Xin refused on the grounds that he was “sick”, leaving Liu Bang to fight on his own.During this time, Lu zhi received news that Han Xin was secretly flirting with Chen Xi, and she was very frightened.One day, Lu called Xiao He into the palace. After some planning, they set a trap for Han Xin.On the grounds that liu Bang was in crisis in Qi, they urgently summoned Han Xin to the palace to discuss. As a result, Han Xin found something wrong after entering the Changle Palace.Surrounded by killing, xiao he and Lu Zhi count han Xin’s crimes, and finally sentenced him to death.Things have developed here, Han Xin also know lu zhi and Xiao He’s plot, but it is too late to resist.The maids of honor put him in a sack and stabbed him to death with a wooden stick!Before he died, Han Xin thought about his life in the army and his sad ending. He was very unreconciled and shouted “I refuse to accept”.However, these three words are only han Xin’s last words, although they contain endless grievances, but the outcome has been doomed.What is interesting is that although thousands of years have passed since Han Xin was killed, the three words he said before his death have survived.Nowadays, when some young people are drinking, the atmosphere has reached a certain extent, they will fight with each other, and from time to time, they also say “I refuse to accept” three words, but the meaning has changed dramatically.Before Han Xin was killed, he once said: “I regret not to use kuai Tong’s plan, but for the woman’s fraud, is it not heaven……”The meaning behind this sentence represents, is the most vitality of Han Xin.Kuai Tong was an important figure in the late Qin dynasty and early Han Dynasty. His appearances were few, but each time he exerted great influence on Han Xin.In the fourth year of the Han Dynasty, Han Xin led his troops to the east. Lishiqi, dispatched by the king of Han, persuaded the king of Qi to submit to the army before he crossed pingyuan Jin.At that time, Han Xin was going to stop marching, but kuai Tong, a strategist, said: “The general was ordered to attack The state of Qi……Li Sheng was just a scholar. Riding on his chariot and stirring up his tongue, he captured more than 70 cities of Qi.The general led tens of thousands of troops to conquer more than 50 cities of Zhao……Not as good as a bookboy?”Later, Han Xin took Kuai Tong’s advice and attacked Qi, but Lishiqi was killed by the king of Qi.When Liu Bang heard this, he was very angry, which also increased the estrangement between Han Xin and Liu Bang.Kuai Tong’s second speech occurred when Xiang Yu, Liu Bang and Han Xin were in a three-way confrontation.Kuai Tong analyzed the general trend of the world and liu Bang’s personality, and suggested han Xin: “Mo if both interests exist, participate in the division of the world, and live together, do not dare to move……”In other words, han Xin should not take orders from Liu Bang, but become the king himself, thus dividing the whole world.At this time, if Han Xin listened to Kuai Tong’s remarks, perhaps his outcome would be different.After Han Xin is killed, Liu Bang is happy to learn of his death, but when he learns of what he said before his death, he is frightened and hurriedly sends someone to arrest Kuai Tong.However, Liu Bang did not kill Kuai Tong, but reuse him, shows kuai Tong is an extraordinary person.Unfortunately, Han Xin realized this truth too late. The tide had changed and he had no chance to turn the tide.The above sentence is also the last words of Han Xin, which reveals han Xin’s unwillingness and helplessness.On the battlefield, he calculated that the enemy would be countless, but on the political field, was played by Liu Bang between applause, deplorable.What do you think about that?