【 I do practical things for the masses 】 Huazhou traffic police changed into “cart man” in a different snow “police” to warm people’s hearts

2022-05-17 0 By

Under the influence of snow, the section from Shike to Renjiatan under the jurisdiction of Jindui, Huazhou, was covered with wet snow and prone to traffic accidents. All the police of Jindui Squadron of Huazhou Traffic Police took to the road to strengthen road patrol and control.Patrol police “encounter” trapped vehicles, “snow police” seconds into the “cart man”, warm heart to help the masses praise.On February 11, the policemen of Jindui Squadron of Huazhou Traffic Police found during their patrol that when people in their jurisdiction were driving between Shike and Renjiatan, the vehicles skidding and could not move forward due to the icy road and steep slope. The policemen immediately helped the drivers push the vehicles until they reached the flat road safely.At the same time, drivers were told to be cautious and slow in snow, install a good anti-skid chain, to ensure driving safety.”The critical moment or the people’s police, thank you for escorting the people.”The masses were very moved and thanked the police for their enthusiastic help.Although the road is ice, but the heart is warm!(Lu Panjuan)