“Not out of 15 years”, the Lantern Festival rules, remember 4 bogey 5 do, the year of the tiger a good start

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As the saying goes, “The Laba is the year”, The Chinese New Year in the traditional sense, refers to the beginning of the Laba until the fifteenth day of the first month, so the Lantern Festival can be regarded as a closing festival of the New Year, all kinds of custom activities in this day and set off a new climax.In our hometown, there is an old saying, “No more than 15 years, no more than 15 years.” Chinese New Year should have a beginning and an end, and the old traditions of the 15th day of the first month should be respected.The Lantern Festival is an important traditional festival in China. Its formation has gone through a long process.If we can trace back to the origin, we should start from “lighting lanterns” for blessing, and this custom is not the earliest from China, but from ancient India.As we know, ancient India is one of the four ancient civilizations, and also has a strong cultural heritage, especially in the aspect of Chinese New Year.At that time, in ancient India, the custom of “lighting lanterns” to pray for good fortune during the Spring Festival was popular. Later, with the opening of the Silk Road, the custom of “lighting lanterns” came to China with the cultural exchanges between the two countries.During the Reign of Emperor Mingdi of the Han Dynasty, lanterns were lit in the palace to pray for the New Year.In the reign of Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty, the custom began to straighten up, and the fifteenth day of the first lunar month as the “Lantern Festival”, since then not only in the palace, the people also began to follow suit, have lit lanterns for the New Year blessing, in the Han Dynasty also presented a brilliant spectacle of lights.In the Later Sui and Tang dynasties, the custom of lighting lanterns to pray for good luck developed more grand, especially after entering the Song Dynasty, it was a new breakthrough, that is, in the Lantern Festival, handsome men and women can go to the street to enjoy the lantern play, guess lantern riddles, at that time, the lively degree is no less than the Spring Festival.With the change of history, the customs and activities of the Lantern Festival have become more diverse, to this day, China still retains many traditional customs around the country, these are the treasures of our national culture, no matter what time can not forget.The Lantern Festival is also called “Shangyuan Festival”. On this day, in addition to praying for good luck, there is another activity is to worship ancestors.This is related to the importance of filial piety in China since ancient times.In the past, people worshipped their ancestors on the first day and the 15th day of the New Year. As the Lantern Festival is the first 15th day of the New Year, it has great significance. Therefore, it is reasonable to console ancestors on such a festival.Specific form, of course, according to the customs of various places can.In important traditional festivals, people can not do without special food, Lantern Festival naturally eat yuanxiao.Of course, there are differences in customs between the north and the South. Yuanxiao is a traditional food for people in the north, while tangyuan is traditionally eaten in the south.Although they look similar, they are not the same food.Yuanxiao is made by rolling ready-made stuffing in glutinous rice flour, just like a snowball.Tangyuan, on the other hand, is similar to baozi, which is made of glutinous rice dough mixed in advance and filled with stuffing.But whether yuanxiao or tangyuan, in the process of cooking to experience the first sink after floating, a symbol of life always have ups and downs, ups and downs, but in the end cooked yuanxiao or tangyuan all round and full, and the meaning of life will be happy reunion, sweet harvest life.3, admire the lanterns, guess riddles important activities of the Lantern Festival, is to admire the lanterns, guess riddles, this is a time-honoured custom, since the sui, tang and song dynasty, the Lantern Festival is watching lanterns are very popular, and once the development to the peak, more lively than the song dynasty, the tang dynasty when both city and town, everywhere decorated, folk also produce large round lamp, lamp tree, etc., the city of I,It’s very busy.4, send children to send children lights, also known as lanterns, is carried out before the Lantern Festival, because “lamp” and “ding” homophonic, so send lanterns have the meaning of “send ding”, is a form of people pray for prosperity.The child lamp can not be sent arbitrarily, is generally the home to send lanterns to the newly married daughter, and send lights pay attention to send double, meaning children both.If the daughter is pregnant, then also want to send a pair, bless her safe pregnancy.Walk all kinds of disease is a custom since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, mainly popular in northern China, is an important ceremony for people to eliminate disasters in the New Year.At this time of year, usually the start of spring, the temperature has risen a little and there is already a faint sense of spring.At that time, the women will dress up and go out in groups. They will cross Bridges, climb cities and touch lamps.In some areas, people even go to the suburbs and run on the roads on oxen, horses and mules, which means to run all kinds of diseases.The Lantern Festival is a happy and peaceful day, is the day of blessing, since ancient times people have hoped for better, in the beautiful days to say more auspicious words, pray for good omen.So this day must not quarrel, unpleasant things happen.There are words between adults to be good to say, also don’t because of a little trifle, let the child cry and make.15 years later, the New Year is over, after the beginning of the struggle, the New Year or to get a good fortune.The 15th day of the first lunar month is the night of the first full moon in a year, symbolizing happiness and happiness. Therefore, since ancient times, even if the family is poor, it is necessary to find a way to fill the rice urn at home, implying that there is surplus grain in the year, eat and drink not worry.In the past, farming technology is not developed, people usually depend on the weather to eat, life is difficult, often meet the situation of not enough to eat.On the eve of the Lantern Festival, the rice jars at home are filled with the simplest and most urgent wishes of people hoping to have enough food and warm clothes in the New Year.According to legend, the 15th day of the first lunar month is the birthday of the Emperor Tianguan, so it is also known as “Tianguan Blessing Day”. In such auspicious days, we must dress neatly to show respect.In addition, in the action, also be careful not to break the clothes, so as not to affect the good festive atmosphere.4 bogey lost property in the Lantern Festival, the important activity is to see lanterns, whether in the past or now, the people who enjoy the lanterns are very many, when we travel, we must take care of their own items, so as not to lose.Because losing possessions not only means loss, it is also unlucky.In the New Year, it was to pray for wealth, lost property this “scattered wealth” move or do not appear.In addition, if you are traveling with children, you should also pay attention to avoid getting lost.With the development of The Times, these customs have changed in the long river of history, but some customs are still preserved today.Do not forget the old tradition, pray for the New Year;But the life we want, we still have to rely on their own hands to fight.This article is xiao Jasmine food original, code word is not easy, bad we media plagiarism, handling.Welcome to like, favorites and retweet!Thank you for your support!