Spring Festival in Wells: Oil men stick to the desert desert

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Manya of Central radio network February 8 news (reporter Fan Yongtao correspondent Tang Zhiqiang) into the northwest corner of The Qaidam Basin in western Qinghai Province, a Gobi new city is visible.It was once a lush animal paradise, where life hundreds of millions of years ago became today’s dark, sticky oil, more expensive than gold.With oil exploitation, the rise of a city on the Gobi – mang cliff.Manya city has an average altitude of 3000 meters, annual precipitation of only 47.8mm, water resources are extremely scarce, but its resources are enriched, preliminary proved minerals are oil, natural gas, asbestos, lapis lazis, glauber salt26 kinds, is a “because of oil and oil and xing” “young” city.During the Spring Festival, the oil workers of Petrochina Qinghai Oil Field give up their small homes and care for everyone in the desert desert of Qaidam Basin. They stick to their posts and conscientiously fulfill the mission of “dedicating oil to the motherland”.First of all, we aim the camera at the middle station of the crude oil pipeline in the northwest of Qaidam basin, which is a no-man’s land with a radius of 100 li and a desert gobi with an altitude of more than 3200 meters and insufficient oxygen and no grass.A person sticks to a station, he is the party member demonstration post pipeline inspection worker CAI Zhonglei.On The New Year’s Eve, I did the same repetitive work as before. When I was busy from morning to afternoon in patrolling pipelines and heating station parameter control, I took time to paste couplets on my cabin and station area and make dumplings, so that the tough environment could also be filled with thick taste of the New Year.A person stick to a station of CAI Zhonglei (Central radio network hair Tang Zhiqiang photo) this is he here for two years in a row, when asked if he want to celebrate a holiday home, he said very simple:”Home certainly want to, but it’s also important to post here, during the feast ensure the normal operation of pipeline is more important than any time, I am a party member, the critical moment I should be here, I will take the post of loyalty, to ensure the safety of the pipeline as a gift to the family, because here I a person is able to ensure safety, your family will be proud of me”.Then let’s take a look at the remote district of west wind here unattended water, electricity on their own hair, work here people are often named “see well people living on the surface of the moon”, li zc is a whole work for 30 years, this year is he in qaidam basin, the 20th of the Spring Festival, and is also the biggest he felt responsible for a year,Because the new Wells need to use power generators, oil Wells of normal is not normal, is directly related to production, time cannot leave a person, as he said “for others, it is ok for me, because once the well will not operate properly, the whole four factory will not be able to secure New Year’s day, we must draw a lot of people live in the diagnosis of recovery,One person’s failure cannot affect a group of people.House is the gobi (epicenter wide net reporter FanYongTao) taken in talking to him for so many years have not been able to stay with my family for the holiday, he said “sorry to myself, but no way, this is the particularity of work, but also the value of work, only we every moment of the ‘I offer the oil for his country at heart, grasp the in hand, prolific oil and gas,It’s a great honor to help ensure production.”There is a special guest here. They are in the same unit, but because of the different nature and characteristics of work, they often become the “moon watchers”. Yang Hao and Guo Yang are a couple born in the 1990s.Always both, because two people work husband Yang Hao is an operations center post workers, because working reason and outbreak last September to now they see the short 10 days, had a wife with parents can choose to leave, but chose to give up, HuaTuGou came to a distance of more than 100 kilometers of the south mountain, enjoy the short Spring Festival together,There is a special day, is her husband’s birthday, accompany is the greatest happiness and hope.In the 4th oil recovery plant areas such as the surface of the moon (epicenter wide net reporter FanYongTao) taken in the face of the sudden happiness, Yang Hao nature is happy to have no language, he said “I feel fine, of the company of lovers, and accompanied by such a warm family, I am happy, I only step steadfastly doing good job, ensure the smooth running of oil and gas processing,To live up to such a beautiful Spring Festival.This is just an epitome of Qinghai Oilfield. They are conscientious and hard working for the smooth operation of oil and gas. They love life, family and the oil industry.Source/CNR.cn