Without the victory of the most crucial battle of the Long March, Nie Rongzhen said, there would have been no New China

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In his later years, Nie Rongzhen, when lecturing to many military cadets, would always say that the most important battle of the Long March was also the battle in which the Party organization saved its effective forces and succeeded in arriving at the base of northern Shaanxi, which led to the later revolutionary victory.Some young leading cadres who have not experienced the Long March may not experience the hardship of the long March period. For the situation of containment before and after the pursuit of troops, the Red Army soldiers did not abandon their bases, but one by one, they were highly motivated and won the battle doggedly.So just how important was the most crucial battle of the Long March?Why is it rarely mentioned now?A, the key of the long march since the party leadership armed revolution, world war I the Soviet revolutionary base in the southern provinces are springing up, the Chiang kai-shek is very crazy, after all, he deliberately to build a dynasty jiang, the plot is under the propaganda of the party organization was exploded, so the army of Chiang kai-shek immediately mobilized for extensive hunting.Although the Japanese army began to formally encroach on China in 1931, Chiang Kai-shek’s strategic focus was still on encircled the Red Army. For him, only to ensure the stability of his Chiang dynasty was the first priority, so he repeatedly signed unequal treaties with Japan, which made the Red Army soldiers more determined to finish the long March.Only through the long march to establish a stable base, it can complete save China in fire and water, but after the red army in guizhou, Chiang kai-shek ordered death began to give some local warlords, must surround the reds cling, but still let the red army broke through to the gannan area, then here with the enemy launched a most important a decisive battle,This is the Battle of Lazikou.Originally the reds step by step, break through the enemy there came to the territory of gansu province, Chiang kai-shek also become angry from embarrassment, blackguarded the local warlords don’t cooperate, but he’s a German military advisers are reminded Chiang kai-shek, the red army in gansu is a god-given opportunity, because the reds will after la seam allowance, as long as keep la seam allowance, then battled the red army is just around the corner.After hearing the German military adviser’s explanation, Chiang Kai-shek immediately mobilized a large number of troops to defend Lazikou, intending to wipe out the Red Army at one fell swoop.Seeing Chiang Kai-shek mobilize heavy troops to enter Lazikou, the Party organization held military meetings repeatedly and decided to take La Zikou by surprise and break through. Thus the war concerning the fate of the revolutionary War broke out at this point.Two, breakthrough la Zikou, achievement of the victory of the revolution in Chiang Kai-shek after the mobilization of heavy troops guarding La Zikou, he was too excited, waiting for the Red Army to take the bait, but the red Army breakthrough la Zikou news soon gave Chiang Kai-shek a heavy slap in the face.Chiang Kai-shek, who had thought that the Red Army would be hooked by a stupid fish, blindly increased the deployment of troops and repeatedly gave death orders to local warlords, completely failing to see the root cause of victory in the war, that is, the people.Although La Zikou is very narrow, and is full of machine guns and bunkers, but the Red Army still decided to pull the long March on the most dangerous nail, soon the Red Army began to carefully deploy La Zikou breakthrough action.In response to the enemy’s deployment, the Red Army deftly attracted the enemy’s fire first with a frontal charge, and then sent demolition teams to destroy the enemy pillboxes one by one.The tactics of the Red Army confused the enemy for a while. Although they had been prepared for the Red Army to break through the blockhouse by approaching it and blasting it, they were overconfident of the concentrated firepower formed by the blockhouse, believing that the Red Army would certainly be difficult to break through the Lazikou line of defense.However, the outcome surprised them. The Red Army soldiers not only succeeded in reaching the vicinity of the fort, but also accurately destroyed the fort, which opened up a way for the troops behind them to advance. Soon after, the Red Army successfully broke through Lazikou and successfully walked out of the Gannan area.After getting the news that the Red Army had broken through Lazikou, Chiang Kai-shek flew into a rage and denounced the incompetence of the local warlords. However, the failure of The Lazikou Battle also made Chiang Kai-shek’s incompetence in the military thoroughly demonstrated, which was also an important reason for his later failure.Broke the la seam allowance of the red army completely get rid of the envelop of the enemy, began to revolutionary base of shaanxi, it is also a sign of victory in the long march, also no wonder about nie rongzhen old age always sigh with emotion: “la battle of hole is too critical, the red army can into the region of gansu is too important to we also have no certainty of victory, is chairman of the iron making must win la cut in two days.If this war had not been won, there might not have been a new China.”Conclusion: As the most important victory in the Long March, the victory of Lazikou Battle had a crucial impact on the Chinese revolution. It was the beginning of the Red Army breaking through the enemy’s encircled forces to the revolutionary base in northern Shaanxi, and also an important turning point in the Chinese Revolutionary War. The victory of this battle is also worth being remembered by history forever.