Xuzhou: Public transport operations suspended and all non-essential flows stopped

2022-05-17 0 By

Civil Aviation Resources website, March 30, 2022 news:According to xuzhou, according to xuzhou epidemic situation, the key area to protect urban total nucleic acid detection, effective to prevent the spread of epidemic spread, as soon as possible social, earnestly safeguard the people’s life safety and body health, epidemic prevention and control command decision, in downtown in the city and the surrounding area to stop all unnecessary flows and activities.The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 1.Gulou District, Yunlong District, Quanshan District, Tongshan Street, New District Street, Sanbao Street, Tangzhang Town, Maocun Town, Dapeng Town, Zhangji Town, Liuji Town, Hanwang Town, Jiangzhuang Town, Qingshanquan Town, Daquan Street, Laokuang Street, Pan Anhu Street, Xuzhou Industrial Park, Modern Agricultural Industrial Park,Jinshanqiao Street, Jinlonghu Street, Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Sushan Street, Pangzhuang Street, Xuzhou Huaihai International Trade and Logistics Zone, Zhongkou Village, Sujia Village, Yangchang Village, Malou Village, Liuxin Town.Personnel of government organs and public institutions work at home.Within the scope mentioned above, except for the staff responsible for epidemic prevention, all government organs and public institutions at all levels should work at home or become community volunteers on the spot, report to the community where they live, and fully participate in community epidemic prevention and community services.3. Non-urban security enterprises shall stop operation or carry out home office.Except for enterprises providing public services such as water, electricity, fuel oil, gas, communications, sanitation, and food, oil, meat and vegetables to ensure the livelihood of citizens and the basic operation of the city, all other enterprises shall work at home or suspend their production and operation activities.Enterprises requiring continuous production or suspension of production with safety risks shall be completely closed off and the main responsibility for epidemic prevention shall be strictly implemented.Except for wholesale markets for agricultural products, supermarkets (including farmers’ markets), pharmacies, medical institutions and catering enterprises (which only provide express delivery services) that meet the basic needs of citizens, all other business places and stores will be closed.Stop all non-essential movements and activities.Buses, subways, taxis and online car hailing will all be suspended in the city, with the exception of ambulances, supply trucks and fire trucks.Residents of all communities (villages) should stop all non-essential movements and activities, and take good health protection at home. In principle, only one person per family can go out to buy daily supplies for a limited time every other day.It is not necessary for all personnel to leave the urban area, but there is a special need, and all personnel shall leave with negative nucleic acid proof within 24 hours.Fifth, to ensure the home life of citizens.Relevant departments of market supervision, commerce, development and reform, agriculture and rural areas, and insurance and supply enterprises should ensure adequate supply and stable prices of daily necessities.Districts, streets and communities should set up special service teams and warm service hotlines to respond to citizens’ demands in a timely manner.The above measures will be implemented from midnight on March 30 to midnight on April 2, and will be dynamically adjusted according to the epidemic prevention and control situation.Thank you for your support and cooperation!