Can you guarantee a decent retirement life with a monthly pension of 5000 yuan and a deposit of 1 million yuan?

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Every month pension is about 5000 yuan, there is a deposit of 1 million yuan, can guarantee a decent retirement life?I think this is certainly can guarantee, I believe that such a retirement pension income, but also have a deposit of 1 million yuan, then must be more than the vast majority of retired old people, so of course can guarantee their decent retirement life, this is no doubt.Because today’s average pension, according to the result of such a national average pension in 2021 last year, is about 3200 yuan.So obviously your pension, which is higher than the national average, is in the upper middle.And more importantly, we have $1 million in savings.What is the concept of this one million yuan deposit?We can carry out effective investment and finance, even if you choose the time deposit of the bank. As long as the term of such large time deposit is more than three years, the basic annualized return rate can be as high as close to 4%.That is to say you 1 million effective investment financial management, the annual interest level can at least reach the level of more than 40,000 yuan, so it is equivalent to having more than 3,000 yuan of income every month.In addition, you also have a pension of 5000 yuan, and in fact, with the interest income of 3000 yuan, you actually have more than 8000 yuan disposable income every month, so obviously this is a very good income, of course, you can live a decent retirement life.In addition, the deposit of 1 million yuan belongs to you completely.Even if you encounter any difficulties in the future, with the deposit of 1 million yuan, you can overcome the unknown risks you encounter, such as serious illness and medical treatment, etc., so you can completely face the medical expenses.Obviously their retirement life, must be very comfortable, very beautiful.So such an income is certainly very ideal, but the vast majority of retired people actually he does not reach this level.Let’s not talk about whether there is a deposit of 1 million yuan, let’s talk about the issue of retirement pension first. In fact, the retirement pension of most people is around 3000 yuan or even within 3000 yuan.Only a small part of the people who retire from government institutions, or from civil servants, their pension is likely to exceed 5,000 yuan, but this proportion of the population is relatively small.What’s more, he still has a deposit of 1 million yuan. In fact, in most ordinary families, it is very difficult to have a deposit of 1 million yuan.Even some family, some people he could save at ordinary times, very not easy to save ten yuan hundreds of thousands of yuan, but because their children are likely to be married and have children, may have to buy a house and so on, so have to make big spending, a lot of parents, he will be a one-time took out all his life savings,To help your child achieve something important in life, so it’s not easy to end up with a million more.Thank you for reading and talking about retirement knowledge every day. I focus on social security and retirement. If you like my article, you can add my attention.# how many people’s pension is their own full contribution ## How do you think the salary after retirement, will be more reasonable ## Do you think it is good to implement flexible retirement policy #