Hit?Tracy McGrady mocked Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Durant chased women’s volleyball girls

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James scored 16 points in the final quarter to lead the lakers to a 16-point victory over the Utah Jazz on Feb. 17, but the lakers paid the price when he sprained his ankle in the first half without much competition.From the field, the ankle sprain was really scary, and he could not even walk independently. The team doctor called for a stretcher to carry Him back to the locker room for examination and treatment, which made the hearts of many fans go away.How about brother Bushy’s injury?How about brother Bushy’s injury?RAJPAL BRAR, a medical expert, said:Heavy eyebrows elder brother an X-ray examination showed no structural (make sure no fracture), but the elder brother of the heavy eyebrows after suffered a sprained right ankle symptoms of severe swelling rapidly, so heavy eyebrows elder brother big probability is ligament injury, although the lakers hasn’t released heavy eyebrows of MRI test to determine the ligament damage level, but according to the elder brother of the heavy eyebrows 7 times in the season injury history,The latest injury will keep Brow out for at least 2-3 weeks.Missing two or three weeks is a disaster for a team that hasn’t made any changes through trade. James is 37 years old, and if he gets tired, the lakers will be done.After the lakers, let’s talk about the bucks and Giannis antetokounmpo, who are getting better and better as the bucks trade ibaka.But McGrady, who previously mocked Harden as a coward on the show, came out and mocked Antetokounmpo.McGrady said antetokounmpo is right for his generation. In our era, if you don’t shoot, you just drive, it’s hard to play because our defense is so strong that antetokounmpo can’t get into the paint.McGrady’s words also sparked a heated debate among many fans, but there are bound to be no answers.Finally, let’s talk about The emotional intelligence of Kevin Durant.A few years ago, Durant flirted with hip-hop star Iggy, but despite durant’s $75 million a year, iggy wasn’t interested.I’m not interested, but iggy chose Monk, who got the minimum salary in the Lakers.How do you encounter trouble in love?Of course, Durant has some tricks up his mind, such as liking the beauty of the Internet, but this time he was thinking of Zehra, a Turkish beauty who volunteered to pose for a photo with him at the Tokyo Olympics.Perhaps Adu thought it would be easier if the girl made the first move after all. After being hurt, Durant praised Zehra’s dynamic, as if he had started a crazy courtship. Indeed, Zehra is no match for female stars in terms of beauty.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, please contact delete