In the eyes of men, really good women are good at spending money.

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A good woman is a good feng shui in a relationship. It can be said that a good woman is the lucky child of a family.But what makes a good woman?Do your best for your family?Is not willing to spend money for themselves, but can be generous for others?Is it a kind person with a special kindness to others?In fact, these are not really good women in the eyes of men.Due to the differences in the way of thinking between men and women, some definitions of good women are more like the standard from the perspective of women. If we stand in the perspective of men, there may be different results.In the relationship, in the eyes of men, really good women, are very good at “spending money”.Good at spending men’s money If we observe the people, we will find that men can put in the heart of the tip of the love of women, there must be such a common, that is, they are good at spending men’s money.Some women are reluctant to spend men’s money, or are afraid to spend men’s money, for fear of being labeled as material;Some women never seem to think it is a bad thing to spend a man’s money.They can enjoy men’s efforts in a generous way, and men don’t think anything of sending gifts. They will be angry if they don’t send red envelopes on their birthday.Such a woman not only will not be abandoned by men, but will be loved by men in both hands, the reason is that they will spend men’s money.Men spend money, cost accumulation, even if it is not like, but also because of the loss and carefully weigh.Haruki Murakami once said: “To the right person, willing to spend money, willing to give opportunities, generally can be bought with money, better not care about gains and losses, just buy, the rest of the energy can not be used to buy.Of course, spend a man’s money also need certain skills, lion big mouth absolutely not, that will let a man feel disgusted.Smart woman will gradually, first let a man spend a little money for her, then let a man spend a lot of money for her, so slowly, the man will naturally become a habit.Readers don’t seem to have much desire for luxuries in daily life. Other girls will buy big-brand bags, but readers prefer simple canvas bags that are cost-effective and durable.In the eyes of others, the reader is a person with very little desire for material things, but only the reader knows how “greedy” she is. She thinks she is out of shape, so she takes dancing lessons.She felt that her oral English was not good, so she began to take online classes to practice oral English.She felt that her handwriting was not good, so she bought a copybook and began to practice.Therefore, the reader is in good shape and has his own temperament in what he wears;The reader’s spoken English is good and he is confident.Write beautifully and make the reader highly praised by others.The reader is good at spending her own money. She invests all her money in her spiritual world and satisfies her basic needs for material desires.”They must care more about themselves, but personally, I admire them very much and like their personality,” Cui said.In this strange world, if we place all our dependence on others, we will soon be disappointed.When we invest in ourselves, when we learn to spend money on ourselves, when we learn to spend money on things that make us happy, being so selfish will win men over.Because selfishness is good for oneself without harming the interests of others.Only when a person cares about his own rights can he care about the rights of others, so that he can have a healthy relationship and a happy self.The second child in the TV series “Me and My Children” likes literary things, and she always thinks she is unconventional and out of tune with the world.However, at that time, an ordinary family could not pursue art, because they did not even have enough food and clothing, how could they have other energy to pursue art higher than life?The second child did not understand this. She was even a little selfish. She felt that if she liked something, the whole family should support her unconditionally.So, during the Spring Festival, her mother took the money she had saved for a long time and asked her to go out and buy meat to make dumplings.As a result, the second brother did not consider the actual situation and bought a bunch of flowers that could only be seen, could not be eaten and would wither in a few days.It is true that everyone has the right to spend money to buy what he likes, but ideals should also be based on reality. Without the most basic material, what is the meaning of ideals again?Money is not easy to earn, and we know it is not easy, so when we spend it, we should spend it on the edge of the knife, so that we can meet the basic material needs and save some security.Therefore, a woman is not rich by how much money she has, but rich by how much she can spend it.The End – The author | psychological consultants dong-sheng fu love marriage lead regiment | use The psychology analysis WeChat public number: love, marriage, life love marriages