Liaoyuan: Dongfeng County tax bureau convenient people excellent service affectionate manlu township

2022-05-18 0 By

The Spring Festival is coming, and the deer country is full of emotion.In order to further improve the quality of tax service and optimize the tax business environment, Dongfeng County Tax Bureau strives to make taxpayers satisfied with the service attitude, service quality and service efficiency of the tax department, and sends the New Year wishes to taxpayers with full sincerity.Optimize tax handling methods, more “intelligent” facilities.We will continue to push forward the “Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of Tax Collection and Administration”, fully implement the “non-contact” approach to tax administration, ensure that taxpayers use the Internet more and take fewer roads, and reduce the cost of tax administration.Shall be window Settings in the internal and external double screen, facilitate accurate communication, perfect – bad review process – “to carry out the evaluation result application” business closed loop management mode, initiate service evaluation, accept supervision from the taxpayer does not satisfaction evaluation and appraisal satisfaction low, comprehensive analysis and summarized to improve, improve service quality, and the effect in real time,Let taxpayers fully enjoy the smart tax dividend.We will strengthen the interaction between banks and taxes to make financing easier.Give full play to the value-added effect of tax payment credit rating, timely contact with financial institutions, take the initiative to build Bridges, feedback to banks about taxpayers’ operating conditions and tax payment, carry out interactive activities of bank and tax, promote banks’ loan support to enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises, and help enterprises to ease financing difficulties.Service key projects, tax handling more “convenient”.Set up special teams to consult difficulties and listen to opinions for major investment projects and investment attraction projects, and make every effort to escort key projects.Actively docking projects, establishing project cooperation mechanism, determining project liaison personnel, and carrying out one-to-one project services.At the same time, we set up backbone counseling posts in the tax service hall to help taxpayers of key projects to deal with tax-related matters in a good and fast manner, so as to provide accurate and error-free services.