Shenze County people’s Armed Forces to carry out the Spring Festival before the self-inspection of potential safety rectification activities

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Safety is no trifle, nip in the bud.To strictly implement the superior relevant safety work instruction, precautionary alertness should be enhanced, and build a security line, ensure the safety of both inside and outside the camp during the Spring Festival order running smoothly, Jan. 27, in hebei province shenze county department of military equipment in accordance with the safety work inspection rules issued, in 17 key security risks and epidemic prevention and control work, solid foundation in various places hidden perils in safety.The hidden perils in safety led, led by the county department of military equipment, mainly around the electrical circuit, fire control facilities, dining room, vehicle safety management, compromised leaks, epidemic prevention and control, etc, the detailed item by item, screening, summarize the problems of the screen, forming problem rectification list, clear responsibility and rectification time limit, and led by the ministry of separate supervision, check the rectification implementation.It is understood that shenze county department of military equipment also conducted epidemic prevention and control education organization, combat readiness education on duty, security education and safety training and other activities, to further improve the staff’s safety awareness, enhance the discipline concept, clear up the daily safety management board weaknesses, to eliminate hidden dangers and problems in the bud,It laid a solid foundation for preventing safety problems and accidents during the Spring Festival and improved the overall level of safety management of the Ministry of Human Forces.(Liu Wenjie) Source: National Defense Times editor: 12 editor: Zhu Haitonglian: National Defense Times news center