The 42-year-old hot girl wears a bikini to surf with young meat, and her abs attract attention

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Female stars in the entertainment circle is larger than that of male star is more disciplined, especially in the shape of this piece, can saying is very attentively, YanTao is one of the best, even if this year is 42 years old, in the latest of the seaside holiday beautiful photos, a cool outfit, she is still hot, look from the back body just like girls, completely guess her real age.01: sweet taro purple knitted suspenders + black high-waist short shorts + sunglasses modeling key words: refreshing, high, color, casual modeling highlight a:Choose cool and refreshing single article, set off leisure holiday atmosphere is to wear a few cool and refreshing in the seaside holiday naturally, so the condole belt and shorts became the first choice, on the one hand, these two kinds of single article are relatively simple in the design, the line sense is fresh and neat, can create a holiday and leisure feeling very well.42-year-old Yin Tao sun beach vacation photos!Wear condole belt figure sexy eyes open, there is little fresh phase accompany, on the other hand, condole belt with high waist shorts and to maximize advantages figure, the former can show superior neck line, while the latter can be artificially high waist line, further improve the figure scale, under the shorts with both heavy blessing, let a leg appear more glaring modelling highlight 2:In addition to the simple design of the single product, Yin Tao also has ideas on color, abandoning representative printing patterns and other elements, chose a more versatile pure color department for combination.And the upper and lower colors carry out the principle of bright and deep, the upper body of sweet taro purple sling, not only can play a very good brightening effect, at the same time, the purple whitening effect is also very prominent.Black high-waisted short shorts and purple form a very good complement, both are classic dark department, although the brightness is different, but the style is relatively unified, combined together, to create a full sense of harmony.Summary: From this set of Yin Tao seaside casual wear, we can see that, if you want to make yourself more eye-catching in the seaside, you can also use the following several practical collocation tips: (1) choose clean and fresh lines of basic items for collocation, will be sexy and simple as an organic whole, to achieve the effect of complex for simple;(2) Color does not have to be too dull, can be appropriate to add bright color system to harmonize, through the impact of bright color, to increase the shape of the eye;③ Cool and handsome effect in the seaside vacation is also essential, you can add some small accessories, such as sunglasses, clavicle chain, etc., to decorate, on the one hand, can block the outdoor sun ultraviolet rays, on the other hand, it is also to make the shape look more personality.02 Blue wave dot bikini + beach shorts + bright high ponytail modeling Key words: sexy, cool, hot modeling highlights:Match bright colors, create a sense of aging seaside nature without all kinds of exciting play projects, Yin Tao this time will surf with parachute together, very will play, but also because of the sport’s difficulty coefficient and relatively high risk coefficient, side also specially with a professional small fresh meat to help.And Yin Tao’s surfing style is also bright, especially bold choice of bikini with beach pants, especially the upper body of the neck bikini is very attractive.Bikini colourful, sapphire as the base, and cooperate more color wavelet point decoration, not only enriched the well modelling element, but also because of bright color, can very good show the effect of age, in the case of large area skin, YanTao abs is upstage enough, body is too hot.42 years old Yin Tao body hot as a girl!Wear bikini to play surfing with small fresh meat, abdominal muscle is good to attract eyeballs.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!