The new Spring Festival is vigorous and vigorous

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Wang Bei, an entrepreneurial college student from Guowang Village, Shangtang Town, Fengtai County, has started his New Year’s “preparation for war”, cleaning up and eliminating kills and repairing facilities. Wang Bei is busy in his modern breeding farm.”Last year, when the market was not so good, we sold more than 6,000 pigs in two batches.This spring, we plan to introduce the first 3,000 piglets and continue to increase quality at full speed.”Wang Bei part busy in the hand of work, part and reporter Lao.Five years ago, Wang bei voluntarily gave up a stable and well-paid job in the provincial capital, returned to his hometown, took over the banner of entrepreneurship from his parents, and started a new model of modern farming with the knowledge he has learned.After years of development, wang’s farms gradually developed into annual amount of ten thousand head, breeding, photovoltaic roof under comprehensive recycling of modernization, standardization, a new type of pig production base, and agricultural development co., LTD., registered in anhui good wood, annual output value of more than 2000 ten thousand yuan, not only solve the place for both several university students’ employment home buyers, he also took the initiative to assume social responsibility,Dedicated to public welfare and poverty alleviation, he was awarded the honorary title of “National ‘Dual Belt’ Rural Youth Advanced Individual” by China National Commission of Customs Affairs.Early spring makes early people.In fengtai county horse shop in the town of north village, liu set 90 youth Liu Hu smile on his contract after rice shrimp farming base of 160 mu, pointing to the continuous water said: “every day I want to see, although it is spring now, but the shrimp seedlings are still in hibernation, I this so great waters range both the carp, the snakehead fish, will certainly be better than last year. This year”Liu Huxiao graduated from technical secondary school. After struggling in the outside for several years, he chose to return to his hometown and start his own business. He managed nearly 400 mu of land and developed large-scale agricultural cultivation while doing rice and shrimp farming.Development transformation, industry first.In recent years, Fengtai County has unswervingly broken the dependence on coal route, deeply promoted the endogenous power, given sufficient policies, and encouraged migrant youth, college students and rural “able people” to return to their hometowns to start businesses and buy property.Youth entrepreneurship, female entrepreneurship, brave leader;Traditional breeding, characteristic planting, flowers bloom together.The county has seen upsurge in entrepreneurship, with the emergence of star industries such as Runhang circular agriculture and Green Harbor smart agriculture and a number of enterprising, innovative and practical entrepreneurial demonstration leaders, forming a new growth pole for the county’s economic development.”During the Spring Festival, our development zone in addition to arrange personnel took shifts at the same time, also launch a personnel to use the opportunity of holiday visiting relatives and friends, and phoenix set out development is good, with strength and interested person communication, discussion, to carry out the family investment, nostalgia, chicken Taiwan’s investment promotion and capital introduction to their series of preferential policies to encourage them to pay more attention to and support the development of the home,Go back to my hometown and invest.”On the first day of the Spring Festival, in The Fengtai Economic Development Zone in Anhui province, Yan Xiaodong, deputy secretary of the Party working Committee, told reporters.Spring breeze ten miles, the future can be expected.In the Fengtai Economic Development Zone, the reporter noticed that although the usual busy during the Spring Festival faded away, the builders who stick to their posts did not slack off, and all of them welcomed the new journey of regional development with full enthusiasm.Yan Xiaodong told reporters that the problems encountered in the construction and operation of enterprises can be quickly followed up and solved.This year is an important year for accelerating the development of the Park in an all-round way and improving its quality. A number of large and good projects will be launched and put into operation.This year, they will continue to implement key enterprises, key project packages to responsibility, responsible for the project to the ground and the whole process of enterprise development track, a project to a colleague, a business plan, depth to create good business environment, through the construction of concentrated into standardization workshop development zone “north” strategic fulcrum,To create the development zone and even the county’s new economic growth point in the next few years.Fengtai County Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park, with a total investment of 1.993 billion yuan, is planned to be implemented. It is expected that about 1.3 million square meters of standardized plants will be completed in 2023, thus greatly improving the carrying capacity of development zone projects and facilitating high-quality development of the park.It has become a major proposition for Fengtai county to find a way out from the new concept of development, to find a way to solve difficult problems, and to find a new way of high-quality development that meets the requirements of the new era and is rich in local characteristics.In recent years, Fengtai County has adhered to the strategy of strong industrial county, implemented the new development concept, and led the green and integrated development of county economy.Seize the Yangtze river delta integration development, promoting the development of central parts of high quality new era, the huaihe river ecological economic zone, hefei city circle, the characters of undertaking industrial transfer agglomeration region and the province’s cohesion to build “a very four area”, speed up the characters of comprehensive revitalization of the superposition of multiple strategies such as opportunity, set the power of the county presentation on potential amplification, unswervingly take the path of innovation and development, the strong county and enriching people together,Combining the reform and development, the towns and villages linking up, open, sustainable development, with an emphasis on strong delay chain repair chain chain, the “double double guide” as “the first battlefield” of economic development, the introduction of strategic emerging industries project on the prominent position, set up thus proceed with the “double double guide” the new mechanism, one thousand ways to boost the construction project,We will promote the construction of the “1+3+8” technology business incubator system, promote the replacement of birds with cages, the introduction of birds with nests, cooperation and co-construction, and the integration of industry and city. We will focus on attracting the strong and the new, and concentrate on the development of “specialized and special new” enterprises, the integration of “two industries”, the “two new” enterprises, and the industrial enterprises above the regulations.The added value of high-tech industry, war industry of new output growth is higher than the average level in the whole city, with all-round attitude to promote more resources flow to the county, with dominant characters of undertaking industrial transfer vanguard concentrated area construction as the goal, efforts to build chicken base of modernization of industry, a more open, ecology, happy new chicken is coming.New era, new journey, new proposition, Fengtai hard move forward, mission will be achieved.Momentum, a grasp in the end, phoenix is tightly around the advantage industry, leading industry, the characteristic industry, focus on the introduction of a number of industry leading enterprises and form a complete set of upstream and downstream enterprises, deep into the domestic and international industrial chain, the supply chain to a high level of industry, drive the ability of emerging industry chain project ground starts as soon as possible, to start DaXiao, rich industry formats at the same time,Inject surging vitality into the high-quality development of Fengtai.(Correspondent Xu Yanyou reporter Liu Yinchang)